A Quick Life Update

Hey guys it’s Nate!

I just wanted to give every one of you a quick life update. I have been calmer a lot more since I have been seeing my counselor a bit more. I feel a lot better than I have in a long time. Another reason why I am so calm and happy with my life is that….
I am so happy I’m like really can’t believe my birthday is next Sunday. My crazy cousin’s birthday is Friday the 20th and then my aunt’s is the Sunday after mine the 29th. I have so much I want to do and I really hope that what I get on my birthday goes with what I want to do. There are a few moments where I think about Fantage and how if it was open right now they would be doing their summer camp event. Is anyone else like always thinking like that? If not I think I’m losing my mind except I lost it a long time ago!
I have seen so much difference in Fantage it is so sad but actually makes me more motivated to help them. I really hope my idea will work and they will reopen sometime but while they are closed for now people who played will have to live their life until er if they come back. Literally I found a event from like 5 years ago and almost burst into tears that’s how saddening it was for me!
I also got a book that I wanted on my Kindle for my Mac for FREE I couldn’t believe it I actually screamed and said oh my god. Now here’s the best news ever. My favorite youtuber Jessii Vee is coming to the state of where I live this WEEKEND so I really hope she will be around the area of where I live so I can meet her finally and omg that would just be the best birthday present ever! I love her and her channel so much I can’t even imagine meeting her! It would be the best birthday present ever!!!!! Plus she lives in Ontario Canada so like there’s not a better chance for me to meet her ever.

I’m going to go look and read some books that are free on my Kindle for Mac. My nurse told me of a website that tells you all about free books on the Kindle and I can read. I can’t wait to do that! Maybe I can finally read some of these books that I’ve wanted to read forever but just never did or just couldn’t.


Fantage Legacy Post Reaction

Hey guys it’s Nate!

Fantage Legacy made a blog post updating everyone who has been waiting for Fantage Legacy updates. I did not fully read all of it so I am going to fully read all of it in this post.

The beginning of the post is that their workers received a message from Fantage.com that they do not have their consent to keep working on the project Fantage Legacy using Fantage’s property and will take legal action if needed. That makes sense because it is copyrighted by Fantage. The next part says how Fantage could have found out about it and notified Fantage without revealing who they are and included a (Thanks anonymous) which I personally think was not needed in that statement or Fantage found out about it themselves due to how popular it got. Here’s an article that I found on Fantage closure way before it closed that will explain why they are closing and answer some of your questions so therefore here’s your answer Fantage Legacy:
I have had this thought for a bit now. I kind of was waiting for Fantage to say something because they did own it. People said why do they care because they didn’t do anything to it anyway? Let me tell you something. I believe that the owners of Fantage switched owners sometime between 2013 and 2018 because that was the years Fantage was the most successful. My guess is that the owner from 2008-2013 team who are Peter Bae and David Howang found out about the server from the new owners 2013-2018 and decided to copyright it because they are the two who came up with Fantage and own it. They did a lot of things to it I don’t blame Fantage for anything because it was some players who ruined mymall and gold due to those who were hacking and scamming. Yes Mymall and Gold were bad decisions but once you read the article above that I included you will understand their intentions of adding gold and mymall. To have their site be up accessible and enjoyable for their audience they needed profit to keep it up for those who actually wanted to play.

I do believe that they are not gone completely. Right after they closed I called them to see if they had disconnected their services. They did not. Also someone said they can still see the Fantage homepage on their computer screen. I can too. I think they got my email and are waiting for it to come so they can see if it works jk but really I think they might reopen in the near future and this copyright claim to Fantage Legacy is good evidence to my thought. If they want to reopen they can’t give their copyright claims to someone else who didn’t make the website. I emailed them about my book project didn’t get an answer that I saw or am aware of but I will be emailing them again today telling them what I am doing, what I plan on doing with the money after it works if it does work, and asking their permission. I also like I have said before found it very strange that they did not say they were closing in their phone intercoms. The only Fantage social media that I found recently was Michelle’s Facebook which was somehow linked to David Hwang’s Facebook (hint hint) which makes it a complete easy way for me to contact the owner of Fantage and ask permission to work on this project and to publish the book.

The next thing they added in here is what does that mean for Fantage Legacy Edition? They have to cancel it. What are they going to do now? They have something called Plan Z. Plan Z is to create a game similar to Fantage without using their content. Starting today they will be holding a contest for those who can make new avatar designs, new location designs, and new user-interface designs, digital designs the programs they put are PhotoShop, PAINT.NET,Illustrator, Paint, Flash as the only editing programs they will accept entries from. They want a design similar to Fantage not Fantage but similar to it like human avatars, hover-boards and Agent Scarlet. They still want the Fantage characters to be in their site or similar to the Fantage characters. If you are one of the people who wants to send a entry it goes to contest@fantagelegacy.com. The contest ends at July 31 2018 at 11:59 pm EST. They also added if they agree to work with them there will be a commission. They also recommend not to share your work right away before you submit it because we all know that there are people on Fantage who will take your work and claim it as their own. I will talk about that down on this post.

The last part of their post is a recap of what they said. They are cancelling Fantage Legacy and are doing something new a game that they have not named at the moment but will. I was well aware of the fact when Fantage Legacy was in existence that the people who were making it were not going to have it out by the time it closed since the announcement was made shortly after June 17/18/ when Fantage announced their closure. My guess is that if it had not been shut down it would have been out about the end of July or the start of August. They say the closed beta of their new game will not be open until September or later of 2018 and understand completely when people decide to move on and they want to see them on their new game. What are they doing with their blog? They are keeping it open for references to their old project Fantage Legacy and will turn it into an archive to remember Fantage. If you are interested in helping them send it to support@fantagelegacy.com. They do not need employers at the moment just some designers and have deleted all the other positions they had made and whoever applied for moderator position is currently in the back of what they need at the moment.

At the end of the post they thank everyone who supported them once again and how much they can’t wait to see what everyone came up with and what they come up with for it! Now let’s react to some people’s comments.
“It’s a bummer that the project was discontinued, I’m still happy though that you aren’t giving up hope, and you will try to achieve a whole new clean slate of ideas, this new game can be a big one!
“Hang on, why would Fantage still CARE about their community even though it had JUST shut down. Like I said bummer.”
“Lmao yea why would Fantage care?! They shut it down. :0”
That’s all the comments I’m going to react to on this post. My reaction:
Why didn’t this come to you sooner? It makes sense that if someone tries to copy or take work that wasn’t made by them and something that is marked with copyright they are going to shut it down and claim it is theirs. If you guys have had this project idea for months like someone said why didn’t that come to you that for it to work you have to ask Fantage’s permission you can’t just take someone else’s hard work and say its yours and not expect the real owner not to do anything. Like I said before is I think they are planning to reopen in the future and they can’t do it if there is a private server using Fantage’s property. Nothing against the Fantage Legacy team but it makes sense to ask someone for permission to use their work.😒 I still plan on playing their game and can’t wait for it to come out but will be playing other games like Ourworld and AJ. I have had some motivation to start my own AJ youtube channel since all the youtubers on AJ are about as old as I am and I want to join that community. Ourworld seems like a good site to play on but it also seems to be all about money too which is sadly most of the games out there.
I have been updating my discord server and am going to be doing some more work on the project today so if you guys haven’t joined it the pingback is on one of my posts. I am going to go work on it now…

Contact Form!

Hey guys it’s Nate!

WordPress cannot let people who use the free business domain of their blog use the contact forms so I found a new wordpress one that was called wordpress.org which lets me use other form makers without changing my blog. Here’s the contact form I made. I am not sure if you are supposed to write your email address in or it gets sent to my email but the email I want you guys to send the forms to is bignaterocks23@gmail.com. Like I said I will be putting everything on this blog, my Instagram, and other places.



Now Hiring!

Hey guys it’s Nate!

You probably saw the name of this post and thought: What? What does she mean hiring? Let me tell you! I have been working on my book for Fantage since the announcement of the closing of Fantage had come out and I need to put all my focus on making it if I want it to work out and actually come out as something. Also everytime I am anxious I cannot make a post and my blog is not active when I want it to be. I decided to hire at least two or three people to post while I am gone. I will be posting spotaneously with updates on the project but I just don’t want my blog to stop being active when I don’t post. I remember when I first joined all I would do is go on Fantage blogs and apply for jobs because I wanted to work on it and blog but they never hired me. I am working on a contact form so if you want to be hired you can send it to me through the form and if I think you are the right person I will make a post for who I am hiring and will send a job invite to the person. Thank you to whoever is going to do this and be hired!


I Got This Comment On WordPress

Hey guys it’s Nate!

I want to talk to you about a comment I found on my wordpress comments. About the time they had told of the closure of Fantage my thoughts were: Oh no it’s closing. Let’s do something to save it! once I let it sink in. I have always read in books of people going out of business and the people in the book saving the place. Come on who wouldn’t want to do that in real life? I have. I made a post a long time ago about how we could stop Fantage was closing. Many other people did say that too more like trying to save it but doing it in the wrong kind of saving. They only wanted to save it for what they wanted. I’ll get into that in another post. But now onto the comment I got! The comment I got said: TFW when an 18 year old wrote this. I could spend days or hours trying to guess who said it even though I do feel like I can tell who it is. Most of you not saying all of you will be not used to Fantage being gone for a while but then you guys can be fine with it after a while. For me when I let the words sink in my anxiety got really horrible. Whenever there is any change in my life it affects me before it comes, affects me for a long time after it happens days, months, weeks, a year. I have despised this for so long I really want it to stop but it hasn’t ever stopped. I am honestly sick of it. I have still been working on one of my ideas to help Fantage even though it is closed. Even if it doesn’t ever reopen I want my idea to show people what a remarkable place it was even though people were told it was a horrible site many times and lost their players due to it. All these years I’ve played it almost 6 years I had faced many people saying how horrible a site it was and I have always said it wasn’t. I might not have the normal level of smartness but I am still smart. I get the feeling of what went through at their building, how it worked, and how they did everything. People often don’t put themselves in the other person’s shoes so they get misinformed. I want this book that I am making to show that everyone who was misinformed was misinformed. It’s been three days I’ve gotten that ache in my heart all day, remembering that if they were open we would all be getting ready for the Fourth Of July event buying fireworks that they had made for us players. Everytime I see a photo of Fantage I think: This isn’t right. It shouldn’t be closed. It should still be open. Some of the players made it get misinformed we should tell them what’s right. Each time I go to bed I dream of my book getting published, me sending them the right amount of money they needed, and them opening it. It’s not just me who is having this feeling. There is many players that I have seen who are saying how much they miss Fantage. I think this is a wrong that needs to be made right again and I can try to make it right again. Yes I am 18 and I should be doing normal 18 things instead of playing something thats supposed to be a kids game but that’s just not who I am. Once I play it I can’t stop playing it. It’s hard for me to just straight up and quit and once it actually forces me to stop playing it’s really hard. If anyone else is getting this feeling I suggest to you that you join the discord server I made for this book I am making for Fantage. The link is right here:
I will be doing some more work on it today more like putting it out there on sites for people to see it. I will be putting the links to everything on this blog and will be telling you everything. I told you I emailed someone and she is willing to help me get on the right track to getting it somewhere so I am going to reply to her about how far I’ve come with it and how I might start looking for pictures. If you all have any recommendations for a Fantage picture that would go along with the book do send it to me on here or on Instagram or find me on discord at bignaterocks23#9623. I am on there a lot more or twitter here’s the link to my twitter which I am also on there a lot more: https://twitter.com/bignaterocks23
I have been getting an addiction to it. If you have a Fantage twitter account or don’t make one! Keep the memory of Fantage alive!
Fantage Legacy is coming to us. When it is out I will be blogging about it but while I am waiting for it what I have been thinking about doing is playing AJ making my own AJ channel and reacting to paranormal stories. If this was a few years back I would never had that thought cross my mind because I would be too anxious but no it has begun to make me excited. Like my posts about Jessii Vee, Mandii Vee’s and Britney44’s haunted hotel episodes have gotten really good responses and it is actually something I love to do. They are coming out with the third episode tomorrow. Why I want to do AJ videos? I have been on and off with being on AJ never really liking it but becoming a big fan of the people who did play it, record videos, and like it. That has made me want to play but I haven’t gotten the addiction quite yet. It’ll take some time but I’ll get there. That’s all I wanted to say in this post I have some more to post! I am pleased I am not too anxious to post! I hate that feeling! When you just want to post something but you can’t. I get that feeling too much and it drives me insane! Like let me post!!

This Was My Last Fantage Day

Hey guys it’s Nate!

This post is about my last Fantage day. I logged on, did the daily gift, did anxiety rituals the whole entire day, and all in all:

I missed it.

Yes I missed it. I missed my last chance to play Fantage ever because well I’m not going to say why or else it’ll turn into a big rant but really? I missed the last chance to play Fantage ever.

Anyone else miss it or do I just have a life that can suck many times when it’s something that I care so much about and I always end up missing everything?


The Last Days Of Fantage Parties Being Hosted By Fantagians!!

Hey guys it’s Nate!
With only two days left of Fantage everyone is going crazy with hosting parties!
The one that I found is hosted by Neal63 who we all recall tried to host vidcon but never did in the long run but here it is anyway if it doesn’t get cancelled if the next 24 hours:
Where: First server at Mt. Fantage
When: The 29th at 7:00 pm FST
Pingback to this instagram thing:

I will probably go if I can.
The Fantage Legacy team is also hosting a party. One of the team members posted it on his Instagram. He is saying there will be a Q and A to answer some people’s questions about Fantage Legacy.
Where: Diamond Dove Mt. Fantage
When: The 29th at 6:30 pm FST
Pingback to the Instagram thing:

With Fantage coming to a close on June 30th, 2018 I wanted to host a final farewell meetup. I am unsure if Fantage will be accessible on June 30th or close once the day changes from June 29th to the 30th. Because of this uncertainty, I thought it would be a great idea to host the meetup on Friday June 29th. The meetup will begin at 6:30 PM Fantage Standard Time/Eastern Standard Time. I believe this time is appropriate because it is in the afternoon and includes the same numbers of Fantage’s date of closure 6/30/18. The meetup will be at Mt. Fantage in order to have as many people there as possible. The server will be at Diamond Dove because that has been my favorite server name since I started playing Fantage. If by chance Fantage changes the server names on June 29th (highly unlikely because Fantage stopped updating their site), the server for the meetup will be at the server directly under the top-left server. As the Community Leader, I will be available to answer questions about Fantage Legacy at the meetup. The Project Leader @egatnaf_mase will also be present! I know that many of you have concerns and/or doubts about our legitimacy. I can say for certain that behind the scenes a lot of progress is being made on Fantage Legacy right now. I know that because we have not shared groundbreaking proof of our game with you, me saying this may not mean anything to some. This is partly why I wanted to host this meetup. Keep in mind that we will not be able to answer everyone’s questions whether it be because we can’t currently share it, it is undecided, or we don’t know the answers to them. Please be respectful and let’s enjoy these end times together! The name of this meetup is meant to be in good humor and I mean no malintent by it. I would appreciate it if you passed this invitation on to your friends. It was posted very late and I just wanted to get it out as soon as I could. I’m expecting a good turnout. I can’t wait to see all of you then! Be sure to get the Discord app to keep in touch with other Fantagians while you wait for Fantage Legacy to be released. Here is the link to join the group: discord.gg/KtDBj2u #fantagelegacy #fantage #fantasticage #ALLIN

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Looking at the third party post it was today. I might have missed it but here’s the information.
When: Today at 10 am PST 1 PM for EST
Where: Beach Was supposed to dress for the occasion
Looks like we are a bit late for that one since it is 4:53 pm FST for me. Oh well! I’m the most excited for the two parties tomorrow. I’ll definitely be going to them!
If you want to talk to me/meet me/add me for the one day left of Fantage come find me! My next post will be about the orion items I have gotten. I was hoping to get at least all of the orions items before they shut down so we will know if that happened in the next post! I never did get my water. THis time I am actually getting water because I really need water water water!