How To Stay Safe With Spam

Hey guys it’s Nate!

People who blog tend to get a bunch of spam comments. There can be a lot of risky spam comments out there so here’s how you can be safe and keep anything personal private from anyone who could cause harm or damage!

The first thing you should do is always look up their I.P. addresses. There is many websites that will tell you who has been dangerous/harmful to other bloggers and when. If its last report was from a while ago you don’t need to worry about it too much just block the commenter and delete the comment. If they did have more than one report within the years it is safest to block and delete. Blocking prevents them from commenting their spam unless they make a new spam. But there is no guarantee they will continue to make spam accounts because it takes up their time and they probably don’t care that much about what they are spamming about. If you noticed someone was reported for hacking or a DDOS attack attempt do clean your computer out and change your passwords for all of the websites you use.

If they can do that it is easy for them to get your passwords and go on your accounts unless your computer is secure. A way they can get your passwords is sending you a link. It will probably give you an error. It gives the person an opportunity to see your information. If this happened or happens to you change your password and block the commenter. Blocking is the most helpful way of blocking these spammers.

There are many different types of spammers. One that was seen about a month ago was the one that said the same comment on different blog posts was from different I.P addresses and with different emails. Like I said spammers could make more spam accounts if they got blocked but it is not likely that they would. If they do it would look like that unless it was their friends spamming with them which is likely but it would take too much time for them. The most common type of spam is the stores spam. It is usually a bunch of links to items in their store but be careful the links they send you can be harmful! Be safe!



Reacting To Fantage Stories

Hey guys it’s Nate!

I will be reacting to Fantage stories that people have made when the game was open. If you were like me you have seen most of these. But let me react to ones I’ve never been to!

The first story is by two sisters. The story:

Hi my name is Korella. I have a sister named Dalphine/Daphine. She was having a party at 3:00 am and I can’t sleep! It was a nightmare. That’s where my life began. She was a mean sister and she went to sleep at 5:00 or 6:00. It was so not her! Huh! I hope Mom and Dad see her now! Tomorrow once again she drops me off at school and she went to the mall. What a ditcher! When I grow up she grew up too! Now I’m not a little girl and am strong! That’s where I think she’s going to change.

There is some pictures added to the story with them at the old star cafe and her sister changed her hair and was not changing and her sister asking her not to do anything bad/harmful. Under the picture it says She didn’t keep the promise. She do a lot of bad things. Hope I will not be like her when I grow up! When is she going to change? Mom always says that I am the one who can change Dalphine/Daphine’s life? Is that true? To be continued

Story Continued:
Hey guys! I’m back! Today I am going shopping with my sister Dalphine/Daphne but I don’t need an outfit. She just bought me an outfit even though I said I didn’t need an outfit! Why doesn’t she understand?

This time in the pictures they are in Trade and Sell and they are fighting over clothes and the hair. Her hair is magically back to her old one and wants to change back. The sister objects saying she likes her old one and they leave. Under the pictures it says:
That’s where her personality changed a little bit. We went home after we ate she didn’t do anything bad. I don’t know why I think it was because I said I love yourself. Her life is going to change with me!
One week later
More pictures are added and it is the sister saying she is going to change. Under the pictures says: She listened to me and she was keeping a promise that she is never going to be mean or bad she is going to be classy and mature. The end of the story ended with the sister getting a job.

The last Fantage story I’m going to react to is by Fantage Fanatic S. Their story is:
One time my friend and I were getting really bored so we thought it would be cool to host a party. At this party we waited for as much people as we could get to arrive. But what the guest didn’t know was that they were going to be forced to be our pets. After all the guests arrived we politely greeted them and yelled at them to hurry and shoved them in the barn. We then locked them in from the outside. While we were in the barn we ordered our guest if they wanted to be our wazaba ice. A wazaba ice is when you lock someone in your barn and make them your pet. The rules to taking care of a wazaba ice is to feed it only peanut butter and give it a free gift every month. A wazaba ice must come to you when it is called upon. If it does not follow this rule you must disown your wazaba ice because it betrayed you. This is why a wazaba ice must be loyal to its owner. It was really funny because people went through with this idea even though it sounded super wacky! I laughed too hard with Fantage Fantatic D! D even got 2 wazaba ices! They were very loyal. Others didn’t agree. They were really scared! I thought it was really funny! -Fantage Fanatic S

All I have to say is: Why wasn’t that a trending Fantage tryout?


Reacting To Spam Comments

Hey guys it’s Nate!

I’m sorry I haven’t been posting very much. I just haven’t been on wordpress a lot since Fantage closed and I’m still struggling with my anxiety a lot less than before. What’s working is that I actually have a way of calming myself down so I can do what is most important. Like for instance when I need my medicine at certain times I can’t put my OCD more important than my diabetes medicine. I am going to be reacting to my spam comments. I like reacting to these because I never know what I am going to see in my comments.

The first one is from Caccavale and they said: Wow cuz this is excellent work! Congrats and keep it up! I never know if these comments are real compliments but thank you! Let’s see what the link they added in their comment takes us too. It takes us to a website that says top guidelines of mens white t-shirts. This is basically a link to a shopping website for men. If you have a blog and you get links like these you better make sure you clean out your computer because links like these can attract danger to your computer. The commenter is from Germany and they have not been reported by anyone. Just be safe!

The next comment is by mens nike air max 1 trainers blue white. From the username it sounds like a shoes store for men. The comment says: nike sb stefan janoski pattern meshnike kobe 11 bruce lee nike air max 90 nike roshe evercheap store nike air max 95 classic black red mens sneakersnike air jordan pro strong black mens shoe mens nike air max 1 trainers blue white The ones in the other font other than black sounds like the most viewed shoes on the website. Let’s see if I am right. It does not exist which means its been removed by the time I got the comment or they do not know how to link sites. This commenter is from China and they got reported one time on August 9.

The third comment is from my school essay in urdu language and they said: Bookmarked! I like your website! Once again its hard if these comments are real compliments but thanks a lot for commenting a compliment in your spam! Their link takes me to a site that is written in a different language my guess is that it is urdu and once it is translated into English I can see it is like a medicine site. They are from Russian Federation and they were reported two times. They attempted to hack people. The fourth comment is the same thing as the other comment I reacted to which was advertisement for brands of shoes.

The last two comments were a repeat of the shoes but from a new commenter and the last one was someone just advertising cards like Cash, Paypal, or banktalon. Their link takes us to a website that seems to be a online shopping website. I don’t understand why I keep getting all the shopping website spam I hate shopping.

I will be doing a post on how to keep safe with your spam comments but for now this is the end of this post. I have been getting a lot of notifications saying that people were attempting logins to my accounts. I couldn’t figure out how anyone could have gotten my password because I don’t tell anyone my passwords ever and it couldn’t be the person I thought it was because they are nowhere near my location. Seeing these comments and their reports I am now understanding who is doing that. They are these spam comments. Be safe! I am going to be cleaning out my computer somehow to delete any harmful things that are to my computer, and changing my passwords.

Pushed Down

Hey guys it’s Nate!

Like I said before my anxiety has been tapering off but after that my depression goes up. I have always felt pushed down by my family but I feel it even more now. Let me tell you some situations that makes me feel that way because I have no one to talk to so what I do when I have no one to talk to is write.

One of the many things that makes me depressed is my anxiety/OCD. The disorders in general make me depressed but it’s how my family reacts to my spasms of OCD/anxiety. If I’m at home and I feel it coming on I tend to do strange things to control it. I’m not supposed to do the strange things I’m supposed to control it. This year controlling it was really not working. My family was just like: Oh, time to increase your medicine or was just like: Oh, you’re fine or “Don’t worry about it.” That’s the thing. You can’t just stop worrying about it. Increasing my medicine constantly made it worse. Sometimes they will hide whatever is bothering me which is annoying because whenever I need the thing they hid I can’t find it. If you are not ready to hear about a period thing please click off this post in advance. If you are ready please proceed reading this post! Every time I get a period I get my pad, I think a bad thought, and now that pad is contaminated. I will get a new one until I feel like the right one. I now have two sitting upstairs on the bathroom floor and I’m going to throw them out so I will have to get a new one. But what makes me depressed is that the boxes of pads are being hidden from me because of that trigger. I always tell them that I won’t change or empty the package out but of course they don’t believe me. I don’t need them to be hidden from me. I’m 19 year old I have control over my OCD now I don’t need them to be hid away from me like I’m a little kid. For another example another one of my triggers was changing what I was wearing constantly due to me getting bad thoughts constantly. My family told my nurse who is also a constant source of my anxiety and depression to hide them from me. When I was trying to get ready and be early for my first day back at my program I couldn’t get ready because I didn’t know where the nurse hid my clothes. I had to wait for her to come and give me the clothes. Better believe I was pissed.

The whole trip to New York was full of my family treating me like I’m the lowest part of the family. Like for instance I was holding my diabetes bag where it was about to fall and I was holding my computer where it was about to fall and when I walked in my sisters had to point out how I was holding it wrong. I replied with: “Thank you for telling me an orange is orange.” They also proceeded to tell me that computers are very expensive and can break easily. Like I haven’t been using computers since 2012 umm what? My brother could tell I was not happy that time and was trying to make me laugh which is why I love my brother.

Most of the time on the trip I was fighting off my anxiety and depression about the diabetes. Anxiety really isn’t a joke neither is depression. My family keeps telling me to move on or just don’t worry about it. The general words are “Everyone has anxiety.” Yes everyone has anxiety but no one goes through severe anxiety or the amount of people who do are not as known. Sure anxiety is common but getting about 2 panic attacks in about 9 minutes straight is not common. Getting constant panic attacks is severe anxiety. I was diagnosed with generalized anxiety disorder August 2011, diagnosed with OCD in 2015, and I’m pretty sure I’ve always had social anxiety. I’m not fully diagnosed with depression but other people in my family have had it so I can get it and it says that all those anxiety disorders I said can cause depression.

Now let’s get into the disabled part. I was diagnosed with a learning disability. It’s nothing bad it’s just that I can’t see certain things. One of the things I’ve said in the past was where I can’t see the middle of things like an apple and it takes me longer to understand and process things. The one thing that bothers me is that someone in my family won’t accept that it’s been proven that I am disabled. It’s hard because that someone gives someone else in my family a difficult time because they won’t accept it. What makes me mad is that being disabled shouldn’t be immediately labeled as someone who is dumb and incapable of doing things. For instance most people will notice messy hair me, I’ll just look at it and see a part of the body. I don’t see messy or neat hair. I will never get the importance of it or understand it but at least I’ve gotten to the point where I’m starting to like it. Another thing for me is I hate change. I believe that is another part of my disability. I hate that part the most. That’s why three months later I’m still aching for Fantage and my old nurse. Every time I have a change it’s a process for me to get over it. I want to get over it but I won’t ever get over it. How has it been proven that I’m disabled? I retook a test and it was proven I fell into the disabled category. To most people being disabled is a label. It shouldn’t be and it’s really not. People with disabilities are just like you they can’t not do anything specific they just need to work harder or need extra help.

Another thing that has been making me to where I am depressed is my new nurse. The other nurses always pay too much attention to me. For their own reasons they think they need to pay too much attention to me. When people pay too much attention to me I mess up and get to the point where I’m depressed. But that’s all for now since I’m hot and tired and need to go to bed!

Why I’ve Been Off This Blog

Hey guys it’s Nate!

If you have been reading the posts over the past few months I have been struggling with a big episode of OCD and anxiety it seems to be tapering off finally but it caused me to delete some of the post I made over the month. But I do not plan on deleting anymore posts. This is a new month and a new year well new school year and I plan on making it a good year.

I’m still struggling with the fact that Fantage has been gone for three months but I have found that Animal Jam reminds me of Fantage so that fills up the empty space for now. I have also found that making videos is something I really like. My counselor thought it would be good for me since my voice can get soft sometimes and I can’t always keep it at a normal tone. Something that I do to help my struggle is to continue my project for Fantage. I really want this project to go somewhere. I really want them to reopen but I know it’s not likely.

As for Plan Z all I know is that they have been busy with their school as most of us have been and the only recent update was their contest winners. Like I said before every update is on their blog I like the winner that everyone who voted on. That’s the one I voted on too. I’m eager to see all the designs. I have always thought about making a site of my own but I have no clue on how to do it really. The closest I came to making a site of my own is this blog. If you guys have any idea please do tell me! I probably won’t do it but it’s a thought!

I went to the library by myself for the first time. I got some new Nancy Drew books that I’ve been meaning to read but my anxiety gets so high and it exhausts me to the point where I can barely stay awake but I have to. Then after I do my last thing for the day I’m barely tired. I know how to calm my OCD now and the medicine seems to be helping again. I never know how I feel about it. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t do anything. I’ve been super excited for this month because a new book comes out on Tuesday. I preordered it for my Kindle PC when I found out about it but I ordered it when I went to the library. She said I was one of the first ones on the waiting list! I should get it when I’m volunteering one day probably a Thursday!

I have started liking Twitter. I got most of my favorite youtubers that I watch to notice me. I got Bryan Lanning from Daily Bumps, Cassie Missy Lanning’s sister, Jessii Vee to notice me! Next one to work on is Shaun Cassidy! I already know how I’ll do it!


A Post About Panic Attacks

Hey guys it’s Nate!

I decided to make a post about panic attacks and what I feel when I go through them! Each person gets them differently but I will tell you what I feel when I have them! It can happen at anytime anywhere and there will be no explanation for it! For example when my new nurse started with me I started having one at where I see my counselor. I walked right back in and she told me some coping techniques to calm down. I had one today about three today and I calmed down by writing which is why I’m writing again today!

What most people feel is being really hot like a wave of heat flooding through them, can’t breathe, getting dizzy sometimes the room will start spinning, you will feel panic extreme panic, you might feel like you will die and not get out of this alive, and sometimes you will feel detached. Some people get racing heartbeat and shakiness. Sometimes I will get a headache or stomachache but that’s a normal thing for me so I don’t really add it as a symptom of a panic attack.

What I usually get is blurry vision, racing heartbeat, dizziness or spinning room, can’t breathe at all, detachment, extreme panic, and shakiness. If I’m standing up I feel like I might faint. My counselor told me to list things that are surrounding me to take me back to real life and some people say to take deep breaths. I always yawn whenever someone tells me that so it doesn’t work for me. Is it for me or do you guys do that too? I feel like it’s just me! My cousin suggested yoga and meditating for me but whenever I do yoga I get sore because I can’t lie down on a yoga mat without my spine being painful. What I usually do is either hug my dog he growls at me but it distracts me because I’m laughing, if it’s extreme I will find a stuffed animal and hug it, I will sometimes count because some numbers will trigger me enough to distract me from the panic attack, and I will stick my head in the refridgerator (sorry for misspelling I can’t spell that word ever) or sometimes I will get a drink of water. Before my diabetes I used to eat to calm down it still helps or drink something cold which helps. Like I said before I will write to calm down which is why I’m writing this post!

What do you guys get?


Plan Z Contest Results Today

Hey guys it’s Nate!

I just made a post I know that but I just wanted to fill you all in on everything that’s happening at the discord server with Plan Z. From my last post about it they were hosting a contest of the design of Plan Z and maybe for the name.

They are going to choose the best of their entries of drawing designs and have the members of the Fantage Discord or outside of the server decide what they like best. Here is the link to the Fantage Discord server just in case it won’t be for outside the server:

I will post the link to the survey after they announce it and will keep you guys in what I know through discord!