Fantage Book History Discord Server

Hey guys it’s Nate!
As most of you are aware of I have been working on a Fantage history book project. Recently there has been a site going on around Fantage called discord. It is a chat site basically and anyone can join your server if they have the link. I made one for my Fantage book History Discord Server. If you like it or want to help here’s the link to my discord server:

I will be working on it today and I have a lot of good ideas on what to write about. You Fantage players have been helping a lot. People have been posting pictures of old Fantage things and that has been helping me get ideas. There is also a channel that I subscribed to who is making like a memorial of Fantage channel. Here’s the link to their channel:
I have also emailed Fantage but I do not believe I will get a reply from them. I will also email them again today to tell them about my blonde intriguing hair getting stolen.
Two things left to say in this post and then I will have to go test. I got two notifications of two books from my favorite author and favorite series warrior cats. The only bad thing is that the release dates are like a long time away. Sd but it will help me very much!
The last thing I want to say is that I have acquired a OCD book about the same time my OCD medicine started kicking in after we increased it. It has been helping me and I have been calm lately a lot more calm than I was before the past months. It is called Being Me With OCD: How I Learned To Live My Life and Stop Obsessing By Alison Dotson. It had other people’s stories about their OCD and how it affected them and how they dealt with it. Look at this picture of a OCD brain and a regular brain which is what they suggested:
Screen Shot 2018-06-22 at 3.24.11 PM.png
Looks different right? All that thing in the top of the head is the OCD aka their worries/fears. I got to go test now but it felt good to post today!


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