Got Hacked and All Details

Hey guys it’s Nate!
I have tons of news for you guys. I recently got hacked. I was having trouble logging on but that’s nothing new. I am usually on it too much so that was probably just lag. I made a video on my idea that I have been working on for a while and mentioned very little in this blog but in this post I will give you all the details. Now let’s get into the hacking part. When I logged on I was dressed in my starter clothes. When that happens it means your membership either ran out, your pm boutique items returned to the store, or someone hacked you. Like I always do when that happens is make sure no items are missing. A few times I’ve missed an item and think I got hacked and then I would find it the next day. I checked my inventory. The hair I always wear was gone. I checked it more than twice to make sure I wasn’t missing it. I even selected the color of the hair to make sure I didn’t miss it. It was gone. I also couldn’t find my PM Boutique outfit. It probably returned to the store but none of the other items I got from there had gone away.
It’s weird. It’s not like I want my stuff to be gone but why did they take the blonde intriguing hair and not any of my other things? I have better things that they could have taken but they took that. It really made me feel angry for the rest of the day because that was my favorite item.
I don’t feel as angry today but still that’s messed up. Someone dmed my friends on Instagram with information that I didn’t get hacked my weave was snatched. My friend took a screenshot that they got from that person and sent it to me. I took my own screenshot. This is what it was:
Screen Shot 2018-06-17 at 9.07.34 PM.png

They said my “weave got snatched” which means someone wanted that particular item to “snatch” from my inventory and sell it at mymall for 0 gold. If you guys know anything about a blonde intriguing hair up for sale at 0 gold sometime yesterday please do find me and say it. Also if you know who did it please find me and say it. Dm me on Instagram. My user is natewillalwaysmissfantage. I’ll be editing my contact information page too. Link to it will be right here when I’m done: If you know anything about this please find me and say it.

Now time to go into details. I have been working on my idea that I’ve been working on for a long time. It’s been going good but I explained it very little in my blog posts before so I am going into full detail now. Before I get into it I know some of you will be like we can’t save Fantage and there’s nothing we can do and I know that. But it doesn’t hurt to try. It would hurt me too much to let it close and not try to save it. What I have said is that I want to write a book about Fantage’s history to remember it and publish the book. What I didn’t include is that I want to give Fantage the money once its open. I know the amount of money that they need but I am keeping it to myself because knowing the amount of money they need would discourage too many people if they wanted to help and I want every person who wants to help to help. What you have to do to help:
Spread the word about this.
Tell me anything you remember about the history of Fantage preferably 2008-2013. Recommend anyone or anything you think will help.
What old Fantage events do you remember?
Any famous Fantage players preferably the people I can’t remember like queen_bee or bridget_ or any of the ones that were currently in the hall of fame top rankings before they removed it
You can also message me on here because I’m always on here!
I have joined the discord site and joined the Fantage server. You have to be signed up for it I think but here’s the link to the page that helped me join it once I signed up for it:
Just go down and you will see the Join Server. Thats what you use!
I might be making my own discord for this idea of mine. Will be letting you all know of the progress on here, on my instagram, on my channel, and my discord once I make it. I got to go eat my cereal now.


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