Wanted To Make A Post

Hey guys it’s Nate!
I have so much to tell you! But I will have to put them all in different posts so this isn’t too long.
I’m sure you all have things you want to do other than reading this post so why not make it shorter?
For this post I will be making the next part of my book series that I started on this blog. Here it is:

I was wondering about that boy Antonio. Everything about him was etched into my brain whether I wanted it or not. Being related to famous people was always a big deal for my neighborhood and everyone knew who I was courtesy of them but never did a person hold my attention as much as he did. Antonio had something about him that made me want to know more about him. I headed downstairs ready to eat my bagel with cream cheese and peanut butter. It’s a strange combination I know but I Coral Reed have always loved it. I sat down and something caught my eye. The local grocery store had been robbed. They stole a bunch of fruit. This has been happening for months now. Some person or persons had been going to Kay’s Food Store and robbing their contents. Last month they stole milk. Who knows how they keep these foods warm and cold? It was probably someone who didn’t have a home and was hungry. That made me remember that I should probably do something for those people. It’s a big deal when you’re related to famous people because you are obligated to be kind to everyone. If you aren’t extremely kind the whole thing can get out of hand. This kind of thinking made my mind wander back to Antonio. What did he do? What was he doing here? Did he know who I was? Would he even want to be my friend? We had different lifestyles. I was used to the famous girl life which can get pretty annoying believe it or not because almost every girl dreams about being famous and who knows what his life was like? I finished my bagel and headed outside. As if magic there was Antonio. He smiled his smile at me the one that stuns me momentarily and he said, “Coral right? Coral Reed?” He knows me? He knows my name! Everyone knows me but when he said it it felt like I had suddenly found a box full of my favorite food and found something better inside it. I said as calmly as possible, “Yes. I’m Coral Reed.” I decided to get enough courage to ask him something. I said,”What are you doing here?” Antonio simply said, “I live with my older brother. He got kicked out of his house back where we used to live so he took me with him.” I was wondering about his entire family. Where was his parents? Why was he with his brother? Antonio looked at me and sighed. He said, “My parents are in jail.” It was almost as if he was used to the question and used to giving that answer. I wasn’t any near ready to ask why but he said, “They both did some bad stuff in the past but they’re taking their time now for it.” He didn’t reveal why or what it was that they did that was so bad but I knew he would tell me when he was ready. Antonio was getting ready to leave when I blurted out, “Antonio, will you want to hang out with me?” Antonio smiled at me again a change from his crestfallen expression a moment ago and he said, “Sure! Where?” I suggested, “Jerry’s Ice Cream Store is really good around here.” He said, “Sure!” His smile slowly faltered. I suggested, “How about four tomorrow?” Antonio nodded and said, “See you there! Let’s meet here.”I said, “See you there!” I then ran back into my house. What was that? Could this be an official date or were we just hanging out? I recognized my symptoms. I have developed a huge crush on this boy Antonio and I was ready to learn everything I could about him. Maybe he felt the same way about me! Little did I know everything Antonio would have done to make his brother satisfied even betraying people that were close to him.

That’s the second part for today! I am really looking forward to writing more of this.


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