So Many Posts

Hey guys it’s Nate!
I have so much to tell you! But first I need water. I am really thirsty today.
I am back after getting water. It’s been so busy for me but I am going to tell you guys the important parts!

The first important part is that I got an OCD book that I noticed a long time ago, ordered, and finally got. It ended up coming the same time I hit my eye off the bathtub which is doing well by the way. I have been using it and reading it and it has calmed me down very much along with increased medicine and I finally have been feeling calm very very VERY calm. I love feeling calm it’s such a wonderful feeling.

Another important part is coming! The book about Fantage has been going well. I am just stuck in the part about 2009-2010. Not about the stores or anything but about the players like was this any special moments for the players during this What do you OG players remember about that era? It would really help the way of the book. I want everyone to help if you can. I will let you guys know about the progress of it!

Another important part is this. I am very excited and probably what has also been making me calm. You know that a important part of Fantage history was Fantage weddings. Last Friday I attended a Fantage wedding with my friend. If you know me from a while you know that I used to have a bunch of posts about my “bae” Quint but I removed them because they didn’t really fit the theme of my blog. I was young and random at the time lmao. I’m still that way but not as bad and cringy as I used to be. The double wedding was for sam_12_12 (Sam) Dylaire (Claire) jred_ (Jared) and kid12348 (Vanessa aka Van) and it was very cute and fun. We decided it would be fun to host our own. So here’s the details:

June 12
What Time:
5 pm FST
Banana Barracuda Oasis
If you have a youtube channel you can record lmao. Want to see you there!
If you need helping finding the oasis ask either of us or look it up on Google, youtube or anywhere with fantage oasis. It’s not removed just hidden.
Might be recording video on my shared channel with my best friend Bethany later on so make sure to check it out! Our channel is Fantage Nate and Bethany if you didn’t know of it.

One last thing is that Fantage Legacy has updated their blog and I am super excited about it after I read their post. Their features of the game have been released. I’ll be making an entire post about it later but I will react to one. They are going to have everyone be members and get stars easily! With Fantage now it’s pretty easy to get stars but it sure will be fun! I wasn’t feeling very hopeful about this right now but I am actually getting excited.

Sorry to end off on a bad note or a sad note OH dang it I just got something dxlm. I got to go fix this uhh problem now. Anyway like I was saying sorry to end on a sad note but my nurse’s puppy dog got really bad cancer. Please pray for her dog.

Just to end on another happy note I got to eat chocolate a lot so that is also why I’m pretty calm and hyper.



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      1. I might also ask you which pictures and colors I should add. I asked my aunt just now if she knew of any publishers who would like to help publish this book I was making so hopefully she replies soon!

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