Why I Think Fantage Should Reopen/Please Sign These Petitions If You Agree

Hi guys it’s Nate! I have a very important post to make about Fantage. As you could see before it was the New Year I was definitely thinking about Fantage. As you know it closed about 2018. Fantage was definitely a underappreciated game. It has helped so many people in so many ways. An example is that people have built friendships that probably wouldn’t last in real life. My friend Quint found his hobby throughout Fantage. So many people have gone through Fantage and had something good to say about it. It has definitely helped me with my anxiety. How? Here’s an example: After losing my dog I began to constantly get panic attacks every day almost every hour. The only thing that actually stopped the panic attacks was Fantage. How did I find Fantage? Someone had recreated something like a stimulator for Fantage because they missed it so much. It is called Fantage Single Player. I also looked at old Fantage videos I used to watch. That is how important it is to me still years after it closed.

You might ask what about the problems? Easy! They most likely closed because they didn’t have enough money to fix the problems and we all know Youtube gives money to those who make videos. We are all at stay at home orders or in a second lockdown. We can all play Fantage and make videos like many people did before. I don’t know about you but I am signed up for a VISA card that gets filled up when I show up for the meeting and I would gladly pay it for Fantage like I used to do and I’m also supposed to get a VISA card for showing up in person to a doctor’s appointment. I have seen many people say they would play Fantage because of the pandemic. It is also really hard to find a good game. That settles it for me Fantage was the ONLY good game.

Want to repay them for what they gave us? Yes? Fantastic! See what I did there? 😂😏 Here are the next steps:

  1. Sign these Petitions and share them on social media Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Tiktok, Youtube, Discord, or your blogs!
  2. Make Youtube videos related to Fantage!
  3. Make posts related to Fantage.
  4. Did your family play Fantage? Show them these!

You might be asking what about your book project? Don’t worry it’s still going strong! I just have to update it a little bit and continue to find a actual publisher that isn’t a scammer. There are actually a lot of them out there.

Here are the petitions:

Petition 1: https://www.change.org/o/m3ssym0nday

Petition 2: https://www.change.org/p/nexon-bring-back-fantage?redirect=false

Petition 3:https://www.change.org/p/fantage-message-to-fantage-we-are-sorry-please-give-fantage-another-chance?recruiter=1032569572&utm_source=share_petition&utm_medium=copylink&utm_campaign=share_petition&utm_term=share_petition

Thank you for reading this and participating in repaying Fantage if you decide to. I will also be commenting on old Fantage Blogs so keep an eye out for that!


Long Time No Post

Hey guys it’s Nate! Sorry I haven’t posted much. I have been working on many plans. I tried to host a New Year’s party but ended up falling asleep before it started! I still want to have a party for Fantagians so one of the posts I am making today will be about that. I have more posts I want to make today so make sure to keep an eye out for them!

This Gets Me So Mad

Hey guys! Today I have a topic that happens to me and I want to see if there is anyone out there has the same problem. I am also kind of am sick of this happening and kind of want to prove a point to some people.

Some of you might not have grown up with the classics like The Babysitters Club, Nancy Drew, The Hardy Boys, The Babysitter’s Little Sister, The Boxcar Children etc and some of you might have. My dream has always been to be a fiction writer. Naturally I’m more drawn to fiction books. As most of you know I am obsessed with mysteries. I have always been obsessed with this so of course I am also attracted to mystery books. Put those two together and there you have some of my favorite books!

Yes, they are for younger kids but hey I got started reading them late! It’s no surprise to me that I’m drawn like a magnet to them! Even Warriors by the Erins is turning somewhat into a mystery series! What bothers me is that some family members disapprove of it. Why though? It’s about teenage girls going through life, without them I would never have known what type 1 diabetes was, I would have never known ways to get out of dangerous situations to defend myself if needed, I would have never had these books to calm down, as a matter of fact this situation makes me relate to Claudia because her family judges her, I would never have had these shows on Youtube to make me laugh and smile the way each actor did. I would never had a pink cup like Benny from the Boxcar Children which is now actually cracked and I definitely wouldn’t have had my obsession with mysteries without this book. These writers have inspired me more than ever to be a writer and I love both of them even more for that. To me I actually look like a writer glasses, not photogenic (haha) and was living in a apartment (working on getting back to that). To be honest my favorite character has actually always been Mallory. What I’m basically saying are you guys still obsessed with these old classics even though they’re for younger kids? I’m 21 and I still consider them nostalgic and learning tools. Also what are your favorite characters from these books?

Here are mine:

The Boxcar Children: Benny

Hardy Boys: Chet Morton

Nancy Drew: Bess

Babysitters Club: Mallory


Mary Anne

Babysitters Little Sister:


Bobbsey Twins: Freddie

Trixie Belden: Trixie

Let me know down in the comments!


Dear Fantage

Dear Fantage,

Peter Bae, David Hwang, Himani,Kawaii, Aimee, Michelle, M, Peabody, Michael, Jester, Sean, Agent Scarlet, General Gopher, Serena, Scooter, Zack, Stella, Bella, Gizmo, Molly, Sophia, Jamie, Static, Clara, Elizabeth, the soldiers at the castle, Lily, Orion, Lucky Bob, Raj, Maurice, Max, Fritz, Dr. Finkelstein, Cindeline, Officer Russell, Captain Cody, Tabitha, Serendipity, Santa Claus, Scooter,

You made a game that Fantage players still love to name,

Fantage wasn’t just a game,

It was a place where people loved to stay,

it was a community with skills and talent,

Love to talk to friends, hold tryouts, reach levels

2020 has been a wham,

Fantagians have been saying “Damn,

I miss Fantage.”

A Petition was made,

A Discord was made,

A Fantage Single Player was even made,

Fantagians appreciate every move you took,

even though right then it didn’t look

that way

even to the hopefully temporary end, the admins were still trying to be our friend,

To this day

I will always say I miss Fantage,

was proud to play,

I am a Fantagian and I am here to stay.


To anyone from Fantage reading this whether you are a Fantage admin (which I do plan on sending to 😉 )or a player, we all agree that Fantage wasn’t just a game. Fantage has helped so many people. For me personally I was getting panic attacks every day until I used Fantage related things to calm down. That’s how much people love your game. Every Fantagian I talk to says they miss your game. Fantagians really truly do love Fantage yes I really did say it every joke about Fantage was a fond joke a affectionate joke. Some people created a discord server, some people made a Fantage single player, someone made a petition, even someone from Fantage’s staff made LeShop Color By Number. The people who truly care about your efforts won’t ever go away,

Please It’s hard to ask this


please give Fantage another chance?

It was something special.

Supertsuda2 said we took it for granted.

He’s right.

Please help in sending this to the staff reach out to them on Twitter and other social media!

Supertsuda2’s video: *Warning: Need Tissues*


Fantage Youtube Awards/Fantage Ball Drop 2020/2021

Hey guys it’s bignaterocks23

Today I am posting about some very exciting announcements! I have permission to make this post on my blog 🙂

You might have heard about Tiktok Room’s award ceremonies. One of my good friends from Fantage who actually kind of introduced us to the game more on that later maybe 😉 Justin most of you might know him as coolness2338 decided that Fantage players had so much talent through out the years and wanted to honor the beta players and the modern players who were on before they shut down! He has created a survey for people to vote for the Fantagian or Fantagians listed in that category that YOU feel deserves the award in that category! Don’t worry he’s added the bloggers too! 🙂 Voting starts today and ends on 12/26/20. The results will be announced on his blog once it’s made! Here’s the link to the survey:


I have a special surprise of my own! Yes, it has to do with the second part of this title! I have noticed that most of us Fantagians have been extremely missing Fantage so what better way to start off 2021 with a Fantage reunion? That’s right it will be similar to Fantage’s annual New Year’s Event! Here’s more information:

Day: Thursday Dec 31 Game: Club Penguin Rewritten (In Honor of the Fantagians who played the Original Club Penguin)

Server: Blizzard

Place: Lighthouse


Hosts: Fantage usernames: bignaterocks23 (me) foiqlag (my backup account haha) pleasedatemypet, guiltyascharged Club Penguin username for the hosts: Hazlet

Hope to see you there! Please spread the word!

Oh yeah, please don’t hesitate to check out my other videos! You don’t even have to subscribe just watch and share my videos! I have a special holiday wish and this is one of the ways that it might work!


It’s The Holidays!

Hey guys it’s Nate!

My mental health has improved slightly so I am hoping to be more active on this blog! I have so much I want to tell you guys!

I am going to be trying to work on earning money to buy my own place at home since cases are back to rising again! My state has not officially gone back into lockdown but I know some other states or countries have. Honestly if this year hadn’t gone bad I really would have liked the quarantine. I am really happy I got to spend the majority of this year with my dog Leo.Actually I honestly really did like the quarantine. I mean not that people were getting sick but that we could stay home. I guess you could say I’m a introvert. When I was younger I wondered what would happen if we ever skipped spring for school and went straight to summer.I thought that probably won’t ever happen. HA WE THOUGHT!

2020: Am I a joke to you? My answer: Honestly yeah gimme 2021

Yes, I still have my randomness.

Anyway, I am going to be trying to be more active on my youtube channel and Tiktok. I have a video on my old Android phone that is dead and broken and I can’t figure out how to recover it yet. I am also trying to join Storybird again I think it deleted my account when they updated their websites but that’s okay. I needed a fresh start anyway. I will be posting a lot of Fantage content too because of Fantage Single Player. I really love December which is why I’m a little bit hyper at the moment.

Also another reason why I’m so hyper is that my good friend on Fantage coolness2338 (Justin) has a very exciting surprise for all you Fantagians! I will be supporting his post when he makes it! Here’s a hint: Have you heard of Tiktok Room Awards? That’s all I can say for now! It’s been a blast helping them with this!

Hope you guys have great holidays and a great New Year!


Announcements *URGENT*

It’s bignaterocks23!

October went pretty well. Halloween was fun. I can eat some candy when I need it sometimes. I can only have three sweets a week.

I am writing today despite my much anxiety today this happens to me yearly I really do not like this month or this month’s holiday. I might like it better if I wasn’t so stressed. But I am always stressed. That is my life.

It’s almost been a year since I got forced out of my apartment. I will be back in that happy place eventually. Speaking of that this has to do with my announcements today!

Reminder: I made a discord server for people who are having a rough time and need some comfort from other people.

Link: https://discord.gg/mkUW3ZS9Xz

My best friend/bae from Fantage has also made a discord server for people who watch his videos! You guys might know him as QuintBFantage.

Link: https://discord.gg/c4rGRhfzBK

My new announcements:

I am going to recreate something that went horribly wrong last year. However, it is going to be called FantageMates where you tell us your main interests and hopefully there will be a friend out there for you!

All of these will be confidential throughout the team.



My other announcements:

I am looking for a job that has to do with writing. If anyone knows of a magazine or a newspaper that is looking for someone to write a article please contact me. Ways to contact me are

Discord: lisahasonlyonewishfortheholidays#6261

Twitter: @bignaterocks23

Tiktok: lisahasawish

Instagram: lisahasonlyonewishfortheholidays

Youtube: Lisahasonlyonewishfortheholidays

You can also always comment here!

Part 2

I have a manuscript ready for someone to help me edit and publish. Once again if anyone knows anyone who does this please find me and I will be willing to work with them!

If you guys have any suggestions of how I can earn money please let me know below! Thank you for reading!


Happy Fall!

Hey guys it’s Nat!

I have a lot of updates!

I am currently in a much better and healthier state of mind because it is my favorite time of year! I have always disliked the hot weather and the sun so when its fall/winter I just basically am on Cloud 9! My all time favorite holidays are Easter, Halloween, and Christmas! So far I haven’t heard any cancellations for trick or treating in my state! Let’s keep it that way!

I love Halloween because I just recently became attached to ghost/paranormal videos and my favorite youtubers like this stuff too so I get a bunch of my favorite stuff 31 days of October! One downside is that my excitement raises my blood sugar which I guess is normal for people who don’t have diabetes too.

The first thing I want to bring up is that AJ added something a while ago to their website. If you use a referral link and become a member on AJ both you and I get rewarded! If you want to help support me in trying to get membership for October here’s the link:


Once you join you can do this too! I recommend doing their adventures especially the Night Of The Phantoms One! All you have to do is click on the game console icon and you will see it listed! You get really cool Halloween prizes! It’s one of my favorite ones!

The other topic I wanted to bring up is that I am very worried about my heart. If you know someone who has medical advice or have some yourself I’d be glad to hear what they think! A while ago I had this weird pulsing thing in my neck. My counselor could see it across the room. I used to think that was abnormal but maybe not. I mentioned it to my doctor three times before she actually paid attention. She requested I get it looked at. We went and I got scanned. They suggested a MRI but it got dismissed and it has gone nowhere since. Meanwhile while I was at my apartment even before my heart was acting weird. Sometimes when I lie down it sounds like it’s hitting metal at my apartment I was fully aware of my heartbeat I have not ever been this aware of my heartbeat. Lately I have noticed my body physically pulsating like you can see it move like a heartbeat. I do not feel like it is anxiety because anxiety is never constant. My tailbone area pulses, my leg pulses, my fingers pulse, my arms, shoulders, eyes, ears etc…

A symptom I had when I was little has also come back. I’m almost positive I know what it is I just need confirmation. I have had this random spasm on my face sometimes back in elementary school when my lip would just start moving on its own. My classmates would ask me if I was cold because it would look like my lips were trembling. It appeared back while I was at my apartment. It starts in the cheek and shakes both my lips up and down. My doctors dismissed it as anxiety but like I said before anxiety isn’t constant and it even goes while I am calm. I am pretty sure it is atypical hemifacial spasm because the regular spasm starts with the eye but this atypical one starts in the cheek and works up to the eye. I really hope I can get confirmation and treatment for this soon!

I gotta go do my snack now.

Happy fall!


Hey guys it’s Nat! Today I am announcing the opening of my new discord server!

2020 has been a difficult year for many people especially with the pandemic, the sickness, and many more things. However, not everyone has someone to turn to. I made this discord full of fun activities to do during quarantine and to support/be a friend to anyone who needs it!


Please share this with anyone you know who might like this kind of thing!

Hope you guys join! Looking forward to possibly seeing you there!


Genuinely Unhappy

Hi guys it’s Nat! I am going to be talking about how 2020 has been going for me.

I’ve been waiting for my library to open back up. They said they were doing in-person service which means only one person at a time so that doesn’t really count as being open. E-books are all right but a lot of people praise me for reading fast and I can click a mouse even faster so the e-books don’t last very long. I am really trying to buy full online books of the series I can’t find. One of my VISA cards doesn’t have the three digit number that it needs for the balance to be checked. I think I will try to figure that one out this week when I am bored or stressed.

My family keeps sending me graduation gifts even though I graduated about a month ago. I am glad and grateful they are doing that because my graduation month was hard. I got a bunch of gift cards, notebooks, and new books for doing what my family wants me to do. I also have my phone where I use Tiktok and it is very helpful when my computer is laggy. Ourworld, Animal Jam, and Woozworld do just fine also. If you guys want to watch certain youtube videos I will always suggest Jessii Vee, Daily Bumps, Piper Rockelle, Gavin Magnus, Brat TV, Lev Cameron, etc. If you want more information search Piperazzi/Goat Fam.

I am very lonely. It is very hard to not have a pet by your side when you’re used to him being there. I mean his body gave out there’s nothing we can do when a body gives out. He was a pretty old dog. He was 15 years old. We became closer ever since after I moved sorry was forced to move back out of my apartment. He helped me when I was upset, anxious, or just about anything I felt. He went through many things with us. Yes I am one of those people who considers their dog a person because they really are. They’re mammals too and if you get one as a puppy while you’re growing up you basically see each other grow up and that’s a great thing to have. I have remembered the day we got him forever and I know I will remember the time he died forever because when we got him he rubbed his head on my leg and when he was dying he rested his head on my leg right then too. I feel bad because I removed it to calm him down but he must have known somehow that I was trying to calm him down. His head was beating against the ground. 💔

In a way I’m glad I had this experience because I’ve always had anxiety around death related things and that is what I am really trying to work on getting rid of this year. It’s been 10 years and I am honestly done and tired of it. I thank you Leo for helping me with this trigger. I love you and miss you Leo.

Let me give you a little backstory on our pets. When I was little my siblings and I went through many fish I don’t remember any others except goldfish. We might have had a beta fish or something. Anyway my brother got a frog named Daisy it lived for like forever. It probably set a record we should research that it died in like 2017 or something. I remember having a goldfish named Tim and I was sad when he died. I know I killed one of my goldfish because I gave them too much food don’t judge me I was little.

I remember us having the talk about whether or not to get one and we all promised to take care of the dog. I remember that one day in first grade I was so excited we were getting a puppy and my grandma who lives in California we barely get to see was going to be with us. We walked in his breeders name is Renee and the first thing that happened is that he ran right up to us and rubbed his head on my pants leg. As you can guess what happened next the rest was history. He was a show dog he became a champion at two years old I still remember the time he saw himself in the mirror he barked at it. He basically watched all four of us grow up do I include my parents and grandmas? They technically were grown up already but our pets were part of their lives too.

Let me think about more memories. I remember him running through the snow ❄️ doing what I always called crazy speed while my sister Lucy and her friend were playing in the snow. I think they were trying to make a fort maybe. I cracked up. He always had a little beard and a little smile. Whenever we would blow on his beard he would lick the air. He once ate my grandma’s chocolate brownies, bit a few people, went to my school with me once if you would like to hear about that I definitely can post about it, made my grandma laugh when he slept on chairs and pranced around, and protected us.

My second dog it was definitely funny how we got him. I knew for a while my dad wanted a beagle so my family used to get the newspaper a lot we would read the comics mostly sometimes we would end up somewhere else if something caught our eye. Anyway I found a advertisement for beagle puppies so I showed my dad and somehow we soon had a beagle puppy. We named him Chuckie I think after a astronaut Leo’s full name was Leonardo Da Vinci after the painter who painted the Mona Lisa in Paris France which I’ve always found funny because my name is Lisa and I love Paris France. I owe it all to Madeline. 😂😏😊🥰😍♥️

Chuckie we got when I was in third grade. He was a good part of our lives too. I think our two dogs got along for the most part 🤣 he would try to I think play with Leo but he would dodge out of the way with me cracking up, howled at every siren he heard with me copying him it was so funny he would get all serious and he would just break off into a funny howl when I started howling with him but then things changed we weren’t all living together anymore. There are many more memories I can list but Chuckie was always hungry and would bark a hour early for his food, had a little white stripe above his nose, and was such a silly dog. I think he rubbed off on Leo because after the divorce his personality changed a lot but for the better. Sadly Chuckie went blind and eventually my aunt had to put him down. I still wish I got to say goodbye 😭 but I hope he knows I loved him and still miss him and wanted a chance to say goodbye. After seeing Leo get sick I have even more respect for my aunt for making that choice. We were very close to that this year and it is not somewhere you want to be.

On a lighter note the day before my birthday ironically the day after he died I got a confirmation letter that I was back on my apartments waiting list. You guys have known how important that is to me so at least I know I have one thing to look forward to. I also am making a discord server for people who are in need of friends during this weird time after two people in my life left me on my birthday. Stan my true friends for defending me and being by my side. ♥️

That’s all for this post I have to go test and eat dinner! Stay safe!