What the?

Nate here I don’t even remember the last time I made a post. I apparently have two working visa cards 😛 so I just entered the thing in as a test and BAM i’m a member again I jumped in surprise because the last time I tried it said it failed and plus Fantage had some new deal with gold and membership which was probably why it didn’t work. Now I heard from my friends and instagram that there’s ANOTHER hacker that most likely isn’t Loc. If my hunch is right well a detective rule is you can’t reveal your hunches and if it isn’t that’s my rule 🙂 LOL anyway so apparently there’s these people who have mem accounts and go on new accounts and say: It’s nice to know your items will be gone soon. Now they are saying on Monday your items will be gone if you’re a mem. The most ones they use are:



_1_817 or something

Watch Quint B Fantage and Fantage Darkmoon’s videos for more information and proof. LOL more detective work for me 🙂 Just be safe guys! I’ll tell you a story about a girl from GGG that was a hacker later. I didn’t get along with her !mao.

I’m more active on my writing and poems blog so if you want to see it it’s mypoemsandstoriesforyou.wordpress.com! 🙂 I usually reblog it because not too many people know about it.

Be safe!


The Hacker Update Time

Quint’s hacker update 🙂


I am back with some news about the hacker. Some news is that I was interviewing my two friends who are bf and gf and my friend Haze saw a account that he thought was the hacker so he sent me a picture. stupid

Then about three days later I was talking with my friends and he showed up. This is my video if you want to see:


My channel is Quint B Fantage. 🙂 In this video he showed up with two accounts. There was one account named godless that looked suspicious to me but then someone told me it wasn’t him. Then he showed up with two new accounts in that video. They are reality_dreamz and that account in the above picture. He had them saying that typical thing he makes his bestie says. Plus he also tells them to follow him on instagram named fantagegod. I have a…

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Nate here I had so much to tell you and then I forgot what I was going to say LOL Ok so the admin is always in mymall if you want to see her. Her user is z. She has that blonde starter hair, bunny nose, arrow and that pm gift board. Anyway last Wednesday I graduated from my school. It was fun. The computer dude finally got it right so the videos turned out really great. I heard a lot of my favorite songs. I got to have a huge piece of cake and it didn’t even affect me. It was amazing. Mrs. Fedak the school nurse even cut it for me. It was I think a pink and green cake. It was yummy. My dad took a million pictures of me and my sisters with my cake. My sister even posted one on her Facebook page and I didn’t know what to comment so I just said: yay cake. My siblings liked it LOL The best parts were I had to spend like three hours with my classmates. Amanda, Anthony, Jarrod, and Taylor were being funny. Plus one of my favorite teachers from last year okay  two of them came to visit because they heard of the graduation. I didn’t see my mean math teacher from last year and I was pleased with that.  They had all retired in the beginning of the year. It was fun. I liked my partner Taylor. She’s rude sometimes but she’s kind when she wants to be. I didn’t go the wrong way. The videos were really fast and it looked great. I did my things and I was confused at first where to go but then I just guessed and it went fine. Here’s a few funny parts:

  • The computer dude Mr. K not Mr Miller came up to me after and was like: Congratulations Emily or Taylor or something. I wanted to ninja chop him LOL I’m like: You just spent six hours working on the computer for everyone and you don’t even know my name still? Then after we left I realized I had been calling him the wrong name so we’re even. LOL
  • My classmate Amanda went out and got grad glasses for everyone. They were silver and blue. It spelled out: Grad.  Plus we walked out on that song Happy. At the end we all put on the grad glasses and walked out with a party popper. I was scared I was going to jump at the noise but I didn’t. It wouldn’t pop at first but then after Mrs. Law helped me it did. Also my family was taking pictures. I was really thrilled that my two sides of the families went to both my graduation and one of my sister’s Lucy college graduation which I will talk about soon. For my graduation my mom, my two sisters Laura and Lucy, my grandma, my dad, and my aunt came. My parents are divorced. They got divorced in 2011. It was really hard at first but now I’m used to it. Sometimes there are dramatic days but not too often. Both my families got along. I was really pleased. My OCD is telling me not to type that but I am ignoring it because there is no good reason why I shouldn’t have that. 🙂 My grandma doesn’t like taking pictures so she made me laugh by putting on the graduate glasses and let them take pictures with them on. I was cracking up so hard.
  • Then the third thing is that I wanted to say goodbye to my crazy math teachers. Mrs. Crane gave me a hug when the ceremony ended. She thanked me for adding my math class for my favorite senior moment. When I’m done I’m going to go watch Division Style and cry jk. I might cry for real though. I got to say goodbye to Mrs. Seidel. She deafened by screaming my name when she came to say goodbye.

Plus when I went to test for my cake I ran into Mrs. Borden and Mrs. J the above teachers that retired. They both gave me a hug. Mrs. Borden also thanked me. I really didn’t want to go to that school but I am glad I did. I’m miss that school so much. At least I can still message Miss Suzanne. I said goodbye to her. I kept expecting to cry but I was too happy to cry. Also I put one of the diabetes quotes for my favorite quote: If it looks tasty I probably can’t eat it. I was pleased that everyone laughed. I was hoping it would do that. I have to go make my lunch. I started doing it now and it’s pretty fun actually.


i am so tired what am i doing

Nate here I’m really tired from a long day so I am not really sure what I am typing right now. I thought I was going to be at camp during vidcon times on Fantage but I had forgotten that I am going on a trip and most likely be on the computer the whole time bwahhah. Anyway I have to eat now but I feel like all these hacker problems Fantage have been having is connected to something huger. Remember back in 2015 there was a Gone Gone Hacker? Some people found out later it was that one girl Owlet. But I am not sure if there was any proof. Then that one time Fantage went through a DDOS attack. They said someone hacked them. Then all of a sudden that hacker Loc dude shows up and hacks basically everything. I don’t know bout you but this is fishy. I am channeling my inner Nancy Drew rn don’t judge 😛  I have a addiction to mysteries and a few experiences myself haha. Anyway I just wanted to say that. Oh and I was about to end this but just realized two things. One I was hanging out with Quint at mymall earlier and we saw a Fantage admin. She didn’t talk but it was admin b. Someone started yelling about trade and sell and Quint quickly changed the subject to fixing the bracelets. He was very polite and kind and only asked them once. LOL Two I got the newest Dork Diaries book! I’m so pysched! I was heading off  to go on the computer to level up and I walked past a shelving cart. I saw a unfamiliar purple book cover and it said NEW. I walked past it casually like I so totally wasn’t considering taking it LOL then i went on and came back and it was shelved and i grabbed it and I HAVE ITT  I know my grammar is bad. anywya i gotta go


People are Getting Permanently Banned For Playing Qblast

Nate here something has been happening to other people and happened to Quint about 9 or 10 this morning. This is the story:

You see Quint has these friends who are boyfriend and girlfriend who play qblast a lot. Someone told his friend that people were getting permanently banned for playing qblast. Then our friend Fantage Darkmoon110 sub her her channel’s amazing ❤ Anyway she did a playing Fantage Qblast and getting permanently banned prank by editing the permanently banned notice. Then yesterday Quint was saying he was playing that hacker’s old account in fashion battle and having so much fun. Today Haze and I wanted to help him level up more so we suggested playing qblast. Quint was scared saying that he was going to get permanently banned. Haze and I convinced him to play and it wouldn’t permanently ban him. Haze even said it was probably a rumor and he had heard that it got fixed. He played once with Haze and it let them play. Then when I came on we started hosting a room. They have this weird glitch where it can only start a game with even numbers. I have to leave soon so I’m finish this up real fast. Anyway this girl wouldn’t stop following us into the rooms so I finally asked her kindly to stop and to leave. Eventually she did. The first few times we played it was fine. I won a few and so did Quint. Then we both got a room that we both don’t like so I decided to hit the space bar. It took me to my buddy house. I had no clue who it was. Then Quint started glitching. I left because I was scared too of getitng permanently banned. Quint had been glitching so he recorded it and then he got permanently banned while he was recording. If you want to see his video his youtube channel is Quint B Fantage.


omg again and Vidcon 2017

Today is it! I got to stay home and play on here until we leave at 9. Nothing too important is happening. I could have slept if I wanted to but no I was hungry and wide awake. Thursday I didn’t go to school because we were going on a trip to Rhode Island for one of my sister’s college graduation. I really liked it there. When we went up to New York for my brother’s graduation I really liked how exciting it was. This graduation when we rehearsed yesterday we spent almost a hour waiting for that new computer dude to figure out the sound. I didn’t want to sit down in the chairs because I don’t know I didn’t want to mess anything up and my classmate was standing. I didn’t feel like standing because with my personal feelings of this dude I had a idea we would be there for a while. Anyway through the chain of Fantagians I heard that vidcon 2017 is now a thing. I like doing the vidcon things because that’s how I started off my blog back in 2015 I think. JCJrcool reblogged it on his I don’t think he blogs anymore. He is too busy with his youtube channel which has currently been deod. Go check out his channel he has some pretty famous series which I became addicted to. Anyway here’s the info:

When: June 21 through June 24th

Where: Mt. Fantage at Ruby Rhino

Backup server: Rose Robin just in case Fantage switches the servers for no reason like always

Times: 12 pm to 8 pm FST, 9 am to 5 pm FST,

(Fantage Standard Time) That usually means USA time. I start my torture camp on the 19th so I might be there  like really early or there really late. I am kidding when I say torture camp. Its really not that bad but they are so mean when they want to be. Example? My science teacher was way too curious with what I was doing over the summer so I reluctantly told her I was going to the camp. She looked it up and on their homepage they had a video that had one of the counselors scolding someone for misbehaving. I burst out laughing after I winced because that was exactly what that camp was like. Even my teacher was like: You really put that on your homepage? Besides it’s my last year at this camp and I wanted to go swimming in their pool again. Anyway I have to get ready to go to my school! I am so excited. The video turned out great but my voice sounded really scratchy. All my classmates laughed at my senior quote: “If it looks tasty I can’t eat it.” I have noticed I have really changed. I don’t know if it’s good or bad but once my speech teacher who I didn’t like at all aka the newspaper editor said she’s  noticed me smiling a lot more than I did last year. Last year I was mad that I had to go to that school and in the beginning of this year I felt really crappy which I later found out was type 1 diabetes. This year went really fast faster for me because I spent half of August and September in the hospital. When I came back from the trip and was getting my funny math teachers to sign my yearbook they were saying that they had hoped I wasn’t in the hospital. I meant to tell them on Wednesday but we had a school picnic at the time I usually have them so I didn’t get to tell them. It was funny. I wasn’t there for three days and they think I wound up in the hospital? I didn’t go on Monday even though I was at home. When we got to Rhode Island I felt pretty crappy. I choked on pollen or something. My blood sugar was low a few times. We all stayed home on Monday. Ok, now for real  this time I have to end this post. Haze had started watching the Lava Challenge and did it to me. I almost fell down the stairs and then flipped him off. LOL What’s the Lava Challenge? It’s where you have to pretend where ever you are is lava and you have to jump or climb onto something. A few times a shelf got knocked down and a girl jumped on the roof of a car! LMAO




I have to eat dinner so this might be a fast or a extremely long post. I am getting really freaked out as in excited, sad, and nervous. Why? Tomorrow is June 7 the last day of school. Why am I excited, sad and nervous for that? I am a senior and am sorta graduating. I’m not officially graduating but I’m walking through the line and stuff. I also have to go to this program in the fall which I liked a lot but I don’t like change any change at all. Not a lot of people do. I’m miss so many of them. I asked most of my favorite teachers to sign my yearbook from this year which I got on Wednesday. It turned out pretty cool. They had paint splatters on the cover. I didn’t like the new art teacher at first because I thought she was stealing the phones long story but now I trust her. I’ll tell you guys that story later. I was surprised how my classmates  signed. Anyway I gotta go take a shower more in the morning!