Bonjour Pepperonians!

Long time no see! I have TWO important posts to make. But the MOST IMPORTANT ONE IS THAT FANTAGE IS BACK AND BETTER THAN EVER!

In the past many people have tried to revive Fantage. We all know Fantage Legacy/Pixel Park a failed attempt to steal Fantage’s items and other employee’s work, Mirai the one that died out before it ever happened, Fantage Single Player that’s never been updated since the last one, Adventure Planet, and another Fantage inspired game that released their beta version last month Starimu.

The company MSI Lab that owned Fantage came out of the shadows and created a well known by now app called LeShop Color By Number. The proof is at the bottom of the loading screen. It says Copyright @MSILab 2022. I was wondering why they would threaten to copyright anyone who tried to revive their game if they wanted to close down. Well now we know why!

They were in the midst of making a new Fantage app! One that mimics the old Fantage the OG old Fantage, less about them needing money, and an easier way to please US! Many of the complaints were that it was hard to get the items everyone loved and wanted. Many people loved the fashion show and fashion battles myself included.

They made this app Le Shop Fashion Designer on July 5 2022. Fantagians didn’t start to notice it until this week. Some people are experiencing glitches as usual the game not loading on their phone yet and most of the players are just the typical Fantage bots! You can earn coins (I will always call them ecoins no matter what game it is lmao I did that on so many other games without meaning to) and parts like fabric (jk it’s toilet paper but good old Fantage called it fabric) ink, wood, etc. They even have Vintage Gold in uptown. best of all no gold and no Mymall! You can challenge other users in uptown and downtown. You can play the OG fashion shows in Top Models! There’s a map of the old Fantage world! It is only available on phone for now.

I don’t know about you but I have a lot of questions for Fantage! Were they just trolling us like I thought in the first place? Did they shut down with the plan to come back as an app all along? Did they see how much everyone missed them and the game and decided to please us once more? I’m so freaking HAPPY!

I’ve missed it so much. If you played it too you know how amazing it was despite all the bad stuff. Not every site cared about their players as much as they did and this just PROVES IT.

My birthday is next Friday so BEST.BIRTHDAY.PRESENT.EVER.


Revealing The Truth/Mistreated/This is NOT OKAY

Bonjour Pepperonians!

This has been a hard decision for me to make. But I have decided it is time for me to quit. Why? It’s just not the same anymore. Let me give you some context on why.

During my life I have gotten backstabbed two by two girls ones I considered my best friends. Long story short as I have already mentioned this casually in previous posts but I never got into full details. It’s time to go into full details because it has to do with this post and why I’m quitting.

I met a girl in first grade. We became the best of friends. About fourth grade she made a new friend. They were practically best friends as well. I was already struggling with being social. My voice will never come out right I’ve been dealing with that annoying thing since preschool. So many of my classmates asked me if I was mute. Let me give you a few examples of what those two did.

  1. One of them came up to me and said “Someone called you Lisa Crap.” I was in a phase where “Talk to a teacher you trust when you are upset” was very important to me. I went to to the teacher and then after when she didn’t understand I heard them say “She told the teacher.” I realized after it was a trick to see if I would tell.
  2. They wrote about me on the bathroom wall and tried to blame it on me. Examples of what I saw on the bathroom wall:

“Lisa Likes You Maddie.”

Yes, I thought Maddie was a good friend. What was their problem?

3. One day my ex best friend brought in her fingerprinting kit. She asked to see my thumb I didn’t want to give it to her because I just knew they were going to say the culprit was me. I’ve reported the cuss words on the wall so why the heck would I report myself? I barely talked anyway why would I know cuss words? Actually I don’t think I knew any back then even if I did I wouldn’t graffiti the bathroom stall! That’s exactly what they did and I rolled my eyes at her. I have evidence it was them and their fingerprinting kit was nothing compared to my evidence!

Another thing is this conversation:

My pants were falling down. I don’t know why or how but this is how the conversation went:

C: “Lisa, pull your pants up. No one wants to see your underwear.”

A: “Yeah especially Lisa’s!”

I glared at them as I pulled my pants up. Another time they asked me to pass a note between them and I fell. They later called me a tattletale because when I fell the teacher saw their note. All I got to say is:

Karma is a BITCH!.

C also came over to hang out with me whenever she and A were fighting lmao. I knew she was just using me so she wasn’t a “loner” like I was.

You may be wondering why this has to do with Fantage and Fantage blogs.

I joined June 2015. Seeing blog posts was the highlight of my day as I have said previously. I felt very welcomed and happy. As Fantage changed, the people changed, the blogs changed, everyone except me totally disappeared. I just assumed everyone quit. Most of them did. But others…smh wait until you know what they were ACTUALLY doing!

First things first, I accidentally ended up in the Fantage famous group. I never asked to be in it my friends were just in it. A lot of people stalked my friends determined to expose one of us as everyone. A blogger yes a blogger who I thought was my friend went too far. She was a duper on Fantage which means illegal copies of a rare Fantage item and a immediate permanent ban. She went through four accounts paige4322, ouijias, cataymscal, and opsis. I was curious about why she was always getting banned I suspected it had something to do with duplicated items so I asked a member of the Duo a hacker group I was well aware of and kind of friends with maybe unless they were fake as well. Her blog was I had been reading her post about two Fantage bae’s sabotaged wedding because I was trying to solve the mystery of who went on the public account peppy8777 and hacked everyone. One day it said it was deleted. So believe me I was very confused when Paige revealed she thought my friends and I were the same person and tried to tell us she was going to expose us on her blog because I knew she was lying. When I first met her she kept asking us personal information. I got a funny feeling about her so I warned my actual friends.Sometime later after that argument my friends and I got DMS from her threatening she was going to expose us on her blog. It didn’t work. It gave us a black screen. I had already known she was lying. The IP we used to click the link was actually from my local library computers. LMFAO! When we defended ourselves she told us to fuck off. She was the one who started it to be honest! We also got random DMS from her “friends” saying how against they were of her. It was so fake it was obvious. Proof of that will be right here:

She also turned another friend against us. She talked about us to him and he started asking us the same personal information and being rude aka one day calling me dry. This is what it was like after:

Another part of this is Paige, Jess and schuta collected “evidence” to prove that we were the same person. Why do I say “evidence”? This is a example of their so called evidence “You all don’t have a profile picture.” 🤡🤦‍♀️😭😂 A lot of our friends defended us saying why does it matter and who really cares it’s not your business. It is currently deleted probably because they didn’t get the reaction they were expecting.

Now I am onto the discord server parts. Before Fantage ended I had joined juliaroxall’s discord server. I ended up leaving after because I was trying to make friends and constantly felt left out. When my friends and I decided to make a friendship service for those who were lonely she deleted it and called it dangerous.

A few years ago I asked for a new worker on my blog. I hoped I would become friends with whoever replied. I tried to make conversations with them but they chose not to like me. How did I know that? Another person told me that that person, tontonlove25 and Fario were talking about me behind my back. I thought they were my friends or at least liked me a little bit. It’s not my fault my life is always full of problems. Wait until you hear what that person and the one who exposed them to me did later on.

During the summer of 2017 we had been getting tagged in random troll accounts. On our YouTube channels someone named Jacobsartoriousfan69 had started commenting hate comments on our videos mostly directed at me. We ended up deleting their comments and blocking them.

After some investigation at all those troll pages we figured out it must have been a blogger. They posted a screenshot of cloud82’s post about meeting fans. At the same time my friends and I had joined the clubhouse. I made a joke about the Tomato Lorry because honestly it’s annoying they literally put the details right there and everyone’s like what time is it coming and accidentally triggered mlg_teletubby, Luccile and mangos. I got some hate comments on my blog from Mlg. He chose to dislike me. I never knew these people before and they decided to hate me. It was also around the same time someone tried to go on public accounts to hate on Quint and claim he was being mean to Asuie. He was getting blamed for other peoples actions. No proof of it but it is highly suspected it was asuie. They also harassed suhalia40 and Kayvon about their relationship. She called them annoying which they were. It was also a crazy time in the clubhouse because everyone was making macaroni puns and asuie was singing Havana in the clubhouse forum.

Now let’s get onto the Mirai part. I was very depressed about my life one because my sisters had pulled a very mean trick on me and two I was very worried about my dog. Little context: After everyone moved out I was the one taking care of my dog. I was the one who sat by his crate encouraging him to lick an ice cube when he wouldn’t drink water. I was the one who went out at 2, 3, 4 am in the dark during thunderstorms. They came once a month to clean out his eyes and take him to the vet and had the nerve to threaten to take him away from me because we weren’t taking good care of him. I gave them a piece of my mind which they deserved. I honestly don’t have anyone to talk to so I was trying to find people to talk to. Someone reached out to me and said they were concerned about me and offered to be my friend. They then started complaining about how I talked so I tried to fix it. Then two days before my birthday I had to watch my childhood dog die about two feet away from me. It was a shock I was traumatized unhappy and at my lowest. I had grown even closer to him through the pandemic. The one who offered to be supportive ended up blocking me with the person who used to work on my blog on my birthday.Yes on my birthday. This is how most of them on the discord server reacted after they got called out:

First of all I never needed a nurse. I never asked for a nurse. I hated that nurse. No one should treat someone like that ever ESPECIALLY after trauma and on their fucking birthday. I am just saying I do not support Mirai anymore and I don’t think anyone should either. My counselor organized a suicide watch for me on my birthday because everyone was being really nasty and I am just getting so tired of trying to make friends and they don’t ever like me. When I wrote about how I felt I got a bunch of hate comments and my friend trying to explain what they did wrong in a video got a bunch of hate comments.

Wait until we get to the best part. I decided to join the Fantage reddit. When my friend first posted something on there this is what he got:

That’s the girl who hated on us for a “fake relationship”. My ex blogger friend Julia. What do you call this?🐍

I reported the Fantage reddit for being biased. They’re the ones who were commenting and hating on our posts.🙄🤡🐍 They made a big fuss because Quint didn’t add the word Fantage in his post. Wait until you hear this I had stayed away from those stupid people and Paige finds my discord and says this:

She thinks she’s some heroine. Well guess what this wannabe heroine got permanently banned at least four times for having illegal copies of Fantage’s items that they literally bought. Hypocritical much? Also she knew my middle name when I never told her my middle name and we hadn’t talked in a long time. I asked her to please stop stalking me. Who do you think is harassing and bullying? Not me!

This is not okay. I might not be your typical Fantagian but this treatment is not okay. I’m tired of being treated like this. Now I wonder were any of them actually my friends? I would appreciate it if someone would try to help me with this but no one has to. It is not right. I was just defending myself from the haters and asking them to please stop and I end up getting permanently banned. I’m not the only person that has been treated this way. Some members of the popular Instagram pages Skinnylegendsss has gotten banned by Juliaroxall for ridiculous reasons. I am going to be boycotting some of these and I hope you will as well. #boycotfantagesnakes🐍

The Return

Bonjour, Pepperonians! I have not realized how long I haven’t posted on here. The last post it shows was in January and it is now March technically almost April where I live. I had wisdom teeth surgery and cavities filled for the first time at the end of February and had been struggling with my mental health ( anxiety and depression) and my blood sugars. Today is one of the days where I feel able to be productive.

This is going to be a deep post. A lot of things have been bothering me and since the people who are supposed to “help” me haven’t been helping me the right way as usual. As most of you might know if you’ve been on my blog for a while I used to live on my own at my old neighborhood. I got moved out against my own will and am determined to go back. Long story short I liked that place because I was alone. I could just relax and do my own thing after a hard day at my post high school program i.e. mostly because of the toxic job I had to go to. During the crazy pandemic time we were trying to get me a new place to live and perhaps a diabetes dog. The diabetes dog failed because the breeder was pissed that we didn’t wait to move like she advised and told the seller not to sell to us. Like she can’t do that? Also they seemed to think I couldn’t take care of a diabetes dog because of my learning disability.

Anyway, when I was getting my first COVID vaccine we got a call that said hey we are ready to move you and start looking, It took a long time for the “team” to get this funding for me and when they say move you basically move. We didn’t have time for Miss Karen or Miss Fussbudget. LOL Okay, so one day we found a good house. They had a nice apartment and I loved it right away. This is one of the key points of this post. They casually mentioned it like this:

Would you like a roommate?

Me: No.

Them: Would you like to try a roommate?

Me: No.

Let me explain why I am distancing myself from people.

Betrayed, backstabbed, made fun of, etc.

Them: You probably won’t get a roommate because of COVID.

I was being very clear with them I didn’t want a roommate. I also kept telling them any problems we will have will cause my blood sugars to go high. I didn’t get into it much in my previous posts but now I am. Eventually they told me a possible roommate was coming to look at my apartment. I was very upset because I didn’t WANT a roommate. Eventually she moved in against my clear advocating I DON”T WANT ONE. Just my luck I have to get a toxic one right? She’s made fun of my toenails which I’m insecure about, my food, my cooking, how I clean example “This bitch can’t fucking clean” moved and probably taken half my things, thrown out my toaster which I caught just in time, complaining about the smell in the bathroom, when we got mice I heard her saying it was because of me because my room was messy and now how I even GO to the dang bathroom. Now I have to be paranoid about going to the freaking bathroom. The staff here is so oblivious. All they do is say “We are talking to her.” I don’t want them to just talk to her I want them to MOVE her. My apartment is not the only one open anymore. I have asked them for a new roommate and they said “It could have been worse.” Like excuse language what the fuck? I don’t care if it’s worse. This roommate has affected my mental health by criticizing everything I do. I already lived like that my entire childhood I don’t need a repeat. Everyone else just says we’ll have a meeting. Like we’ve had like 5 meetings already because of this it’s just easy ask her to move! They said to get a new roommate I would have to move. That’s not fair. I was there in June and she came here and ruined everything. They also sent the roommate counselor for the first time the day the roommate moved in. -.- I also made it very clear at the tour I didn’t want her to come but as usual my life has to be a bunch of bad luck!

Anyway since nothing else seems to be working I am going to have to drive her out myself. I did one prank it’s the Youtube or TikTok prank of getting two toilet paper rolls, a empty toilet paper roll, put the empty toilet paper roll under the toilet seat and the toilet paper rolls on top and it looks like it’s smoking a cigarette. I will keep figuring out things like that until something happens. I am not usually one who resorts to tricks but at this point I feel like she deserves it. Do you have any advice or any good harmless prank ideas? Please let me know!

Extremely important post coming soon!

Happy New Year!

Bonjour Pepperonians!

Welcome to my first post of the New Year! I have a lot of updates good and bad.

The last post from last year was about someone maybe creating a Fantage Rewritten. However due to many people telling them it wouldn’t work it seems like they have decided not to recreate it which is disappointing but they did the right thing.

Another thing is that I have found a show that I am completely obsessed with. Obsessed with it like how I am with Fantage LOL. It is called Full House. I have always been a fan of old TV sitcoms but basically during the pandemic of 2020 I got obsessed with Tiktok. I was introduced to some of them by my dad. I liked Betty White as Sue Ann Nivens on The Mary Tyler Moore show. RIP Betty White.

Someone on TikTok uploaded different parts of Full House and I just kept getting them on my FYP (for you page for those who don’t use TikTok) so one day in December I just randomly started watching them. Her username is kelz_cinema if you feel like you might like it yourself! The actors were Bob Saget as Danny Tanner, John Stamos as Jesse, Dave Coulier as Joey, Candace Cameron Burce as D.J., Jodie Sweetin as Stephanie, Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen as Michelle, and Lori Loughlin played Becky. I don’t know off the top of my head who played the rest.

Does Bob Saget or Lori Loughlin sound familiar? That’s right! Bob Saget was the host of America’s Funniest Home Videos, a comedian, and I believe owned the radio show of Wake Up San Francisco. He also was killed recently on Feb 9 after a show. It is suspected he had a heart attack. Also Lori Loughlin was in a scandal a few years ago. I had no idea how I knew her back then since her name was very familiar but I do know her now! If I can ever get up the courage to go back on a plane my family that lives in San Francisco said they would show me the house!

I finally got a neurology appointment for my facial spasm. I knew these recommendations were coming but it doesn’t make it any better for me! Sometimes seizures can be mistaken for facial spasms so they said they have to do a lot of tests on me for them to rule out seizures. I will have to do a MRI, an MRA, a brain wave test, and bloodwork. They also want me to start taking Kreppa which is medicine for both seizures and spasms. I am very nervous about the MRI. It is a tube and a slide that makes a lot of noise. I have very strong hearing so strong that I can hear through headphones when they are on! They said I could take anxiety medicine but my experience with anxiety medicine hasn’t been good!

I do have a roommate now and I am not very happy about it. She is critical sometimes and I am sensitive so if anyone has any good tips or advice on what I should do I would like it very much!

The last part of this post is kind of a sad one. There was a Fantage blog I was obsessed with when she was active. She was my friend too piya17 the owner of Fantage Fairy Queen. One day when I was reacting to old blogs I couldn’t find it but then one day I came across this:

Piya17 deleted it. 😦 Oh well people change. Thank you for being part of my childhood piya!

A Fantage Surprise

Hey guys it’s me! I need to figure out which intro to use! Actually I just got a perfect intro idea! Hey Pepperonians! Perfect fit for Fantage pepperoni and the people who played Fantage were dubbed Fantagians and I am a Fantagian for life! If you have a problem with that, oh well DEAL WITH IT! Okay I admit I am hyperish today.

Anyway as most of those who played Fantage two Fantagians may I had untrustworthy Fantagians tried to make a private server based on Fantage, named it Fantage Legacy and it turned into Pixel Park after Fantage Legacy got copyrighted. Let me explain copyright if you are not sure exactly what that means. I’m sure you’ve had a lot of ideas in your life. If you wanted to you could ask for legal rights for your idea. That’s what Fantage did. They created Fantage and asked for Copyright rights basically. That’s why Fantage Legacy couldn’t use the words Fantage because Fantage owns it.

Now I was very surprised and a little hopeful when I saw this happening. But sadly it wasn’t actually Fantage….YET. I had gotten a follow request from an Instagram page that said FantageRewritten. Here is the link to their pages:

They have been following Fantage players including some famous ones and most of us have been warning them about copyright. I have an issue with them stealing the name because if Fantage gives them the rights to take it they can’t ever open up and I have lots of ideas for how to get them to reopen which is why I always say it’s not Fantage just YET. They have definitely shown signs they were as sad as we were and probably still as sad as we are.

Let’s see what happens!


What Really Happened Behind The Scenes Part 2

Hey guys! Today I am continuing the story about what happened behind the scenes. I left off where Jack was basically stalking Quint. Hopefully this computer or whatever it is will let me write it ENTIRELY without freezing! I am going to be making a new petition and hopefully when it is done and you believe I have been wrongly treated please sign and share as well It will be on a upcoming post.

Eventually we had started getting these random comments from this one user named jacobsatoriousfan69. They had been posting hate comments. We would delete and block and this person just kept commenting. I forget what they were saying but it was most negative comments about me. I am not going to lie I did get scared for a little bit. Eventually I decided enough was enough so we confronted them. What they were accusing me of was my secret some of it was true and some of it wasn’t. If you have a secret and someone is going to accuse you of your secret you’re going to deny it right? It went too far when I told them my IQ was 70 but I was trying to tell them your jealousy of my life can be eased because hey I have these regular problems too. They called me a retard. It was dumb of me telling a hater that my IQ is lower than most people but I was trying to sympathize with them. Retard is a very insulting word. Do not say it to anyone ever especially people with disabilities. People with disabilities are not retards. We can do things just like you it just takes us a little bit longer than “normal”. The truth is no one is normal. No offense to any Jacob Sartorious fans out there I was wondering if it was a joke account. I was like “Is this actually a fan of Jacob Sartorious?” I found that very hard to believe.

When investigating it turns out the person who made this channel might be from Afghanistan. If they told the truth which they can easily lie on Youtube channels that fits in with where some of the other locations where hate comments on our blogs came from. It could be one person or many more people. Around the same time we had been getting weird treatments from the people in the clubhouse. The first weird reaction was when I tried to make a joke in the clubhouse because people didn’t read the sign that was very clear about what times the Tomato Lorry came and they were asking when it came. Mlg_teletubby got very triggered along with mangos and luccile. I wasn’t trying to be mean or anything I was trying to be funny. He then started making fun of my disability on my blog and in the clubhouse. I had previously said my blog name on a previous post so I knew it was him. He was saying his 11 year old sister was more mature than me. Tell me something I didn’t know welcome to actually realizing part of my disability! It said he was commenting from Singapore which is also close to those other areas.

Basically any account that came to the clubhouse immediately got accused of being Quint, me, or Asuie. Someone had even gone to make a wiki page saying stuff like Quint’s official accounts are:





One of the fan accounts was our friend darkmoon110 pranking us but she wasn’t the one commenting hate comments against us on that account. The same person who made the babyquintfan account obviously made the one for mackenzie170 as well. I might not have gotten along too well with asuie but after I saw that username that said kys_asuie you do realize that’s a literal death threat? She could have pressed charges against you. A lot of our fights were just misunderstandings and somehow the misunderstandings would go publicly by what I believe is word of mouth or typing and also getting people to feel sorry for you would go on as well. Honestly I feel sorry for Asuie. I do not hate her. I can’t seem to hate people only one (our former president jk or am I?) She has had a rough life like most of us have and it definitely doesn’t help when people join in on the Internet because you don’t know who’s true or fake.

You might be wondering what this has to do with Fantage bloggers. The daily Fantage posts had become a highlight of my day. Soon everyone seemed to have disappeared. I thought I had made some good friends. Then around my birthday babyquintfan appeared in the clubhouse and started making their hate comments in there. Apparently Luccile didn’t like me because I was an asshole to her before. I have never seen her since I joined the clubhouse. If she was on a different account that would explain why. Someone named highskool1999 would make up random stories about people in the clubhouse us mostly.

Also like I’ve said in past posts stephanie.fantage was trolling us tagging us in all these random pictures and images and stuff and also annoying a Fantage couple at the time along with her “friends”. Well they also switched accounts to fight with us about me and accused Quint of playing as me. Wrong!

One of my good friends or who I THOUGHT was my good friend was Julia cutiecake4321. After our drama with Paige gathering a group together to collect evidence against us and acting like a friend while secretly hating us we had thought that was her in the clubhouse and on Instagram tagging us. Eventually when I joined juliaroxall’s Fantage reddit there was some negative reactions. I made one joke about people mistaking my account to be other players when really it was just me and Paige and Mckinleyfan misunderstood the joke. She wasn’t the only player who thought my account was other players. It was from random people I would meet in uptown and downtown as well. What truly happened is around my birthday Paige used her hacking skills to block us from her blog and sent us comments saying she would expose our secrets and when we would try to read the post it would send her the IP address. Another thing I had forgotten to mention is that they would add tags to their channel mostly saying stuff like:

Hello Nate

I’m everywhere

I’ve been waiting

Fear me

It was obvious their target was me. Whenever my friends and I would try to post a post related to Fantage people would ask “Is this related to Fantage?’ or get triggered. You would think a username that said FANTAGE in it was obviously going to be talking about FANTAGE or oh yeah I forgot Fantagians are oblivious. So now I am banned from that server whic h is annoying. I am a Fantagian too. I have the right to be on anything Fantage too. These are the rules:

I didn’t break any rules and neither did my friends. Anyway to finish up the most important part is that after all of this had ended and we tried to join the reddit we got a comment from someone saying plsimtired. Similar to those weird meme accounts right and the weird hater accounts we interacted with at the clubhouse which was whyamistillalive. Plsimtired made this comment:

So yeah after we did some investigating it turned out plsimtired was Julia. I confronted her and blocked her. The evidence of her being stephaniefantage is building up. So yeah two of my blogger friends Paige and Julia backstabbed me.

I know I did something wrong but you don’t need to go to breaking the law to prove it.

Here’s to the actual TRUTH!


Please Be Careful Of These Tik Tok Bots

Hey guys it’s me again!

I will continue my other posts in a minute or two.

I have been dealing with something for a while and I didn’t think much of it. But I watched a video courtesy of Hailey Reese and I believe it is along the lines of the same thing. Real quick if you like ghost stories and paranormal stuff Hailey Reese is one of the best!

I am on TikTok a lot along with many other people. Many sites mostly Youtube end up having bots. Bots usually repeat the same message over and over again, every day, sometimes on the same posts. I like to follow anyone who follows my account on Tiktok so I would follow back just about everyone.

There are some bots on Tiktok who are like “Excuse me am I beautiful?” Reasons why they are a bot:

They say that message practically anywhere.

They usually have a inappropriate avatar of them showing their profile.

They usually don’t have any videos or pictures. If they do they are dirty!

I had been answering those as a joke because people would tell them no to be mean and I had been answering them. Eventually I realized they must be uhh trap accounts for something that is called sex-trafficking. I am not sure what it is exactly but from what I understand it’s plans for some random person to gain your personal information, kidnap you and do inappropriate stuff to you without your consent or worse. I eventually stopped replying to them, reported and blocked them, and unfollowed them if I was following them but they keep blowing up my TikTok DMS. Luckily some of them have been reported.

I recently came across a Hailey Reese video about texts. If you want to watch it yourself here’s the link:

If you plan to watch this video and do not want spoilers please do not read the rest of this post.

As she mentions in the video there had been these weird texts going around people pretending that they matched on a dating site and asking to meet up with their “Tinder match”. Most of the times the match is supposedly a guy and they are trying to trick you into talking to them. She recommended do not answer them!

These are similar to the type of texts we were warned about in the video.

Please be safe out there!


What Really Happened Behind The Scenes Part 1

Hey guys it’s Mae! Today I am telling my side of the story of my experiences of drama with Fantage drama! I was recently inspired by the drama of Josh and Olivia’s breakup to tell my side of the story. Yes, I am going to use some people’s names because I am tired of staying silent. I know I have probably done something wrong and some of these things have been very serious and could have possibly brought in the police if any of us wanted to. It is probably going to be very long so read at your own risk!

Disclaimer: Just to clarify, I no longer care about what people think of me yes I did admit that what people think of me did bother me, I’m a human too just like you with feelings, I am moving on from the drama I just want people to know what really happened. I have no hate against anyone I do forgive you but I am not going to forget what happened. I am also not going to stop voicing what happened and my opinion for other people to learn from my experiences. This is not to start any hate, fights, or drama about anything mentioned in this post. I am still going to talk about my characters as if they were real because that is what people who make characters do but really I was the one doing it. I denied it a few times which I’ve explained in a previous post but for now I am going to explain what we didn’t say yet. I have also been trying to see things from other points of view so I can understand where the perps came from.

Girlsgogames had been a fun site for me for a while. But things were changing. Pet Party was closing, the GGG site was changing the things that I loved it for just like Fantage had been changing for those who had been playing since the beta days, I had tried to play MSP but it was giving me panic attacks due to stories and rumors that my anxiety loved to use my fears of the stories against me so I was looking for a different site.

I used to get two magazines American Girl and Discovery Girl. Discovery Girl had had Fantage advertisements in the back of the magazine at least twice. I wrote all over one saying Pet Party was better. Eventually I thought about it. Yes I did follow a friend or two from Girlsgogames onto Fantage because I was bored it’s your choice to believe if they were real or not. I did play it and I fell in love with it.

I was also very close to kawaiiest_user and sweetsugar9303. Once again your choice to believe if these friends were real it had become a very close friend group. Justin introduced me and Haze to Quint and we hung out together and Quint and I became close. We started all hanging out with kawaiiest_user and sweetsugar9303 and eventually Bethany joined us when she first started dating ahmed3088 the public account and also the famed player account who dated emmieyk and cheated on her. Justin had quit because he had been bored of the game. Kawaiiest_user disappeared, Sweetsugar started her youtube channel, Quint got inspired to make his own videos and invited all of us to be in his videos after they started the cheetah gurl prank, eventually sweetsugar9303 started a blog and disappeared as well.

Around the same time we were all getting close to each other I had also started a blog. I went to BlogCon with Quint and made some new friends. Little did I know someone would turn out not to be a friend. The ones I remember who were there were cutiecake4321, tankertank, possibly pinku9204, someone named cottoncandy, someone talking to Quint about his blog that never happened because he couldn’t say it on the filter, and me.

Daily Fantage blog posts soon became the highlight of my day. Some drama had started up and somehow I had gotten involved. People mistook Quint’s videos for him playing as me once the Slideshow Maker disappeared and he was confused because he wanted to include every friend of his in his videos especially us. Asuie got a crush on him and got confused when he made videos it looked like he was playing as me.

People were starting to get jealous of me because Quint’s youtube channel was growing and I was portrayed as his bae. You all know how Fantage was it was filled with people being inappropriate and many people wanting to date “hot” pixels lmao so if you were hot, popular, and taken you were definitely on the Fantage hate list.

I am not sure how so much hate and drama got onto Quint but most of the drama wasn’t his fault. Asuie did mistake the player on the accounts so people for their own personal reasons decided to set out for revenge. Someone made an account hating on asuie but also spreading rumors about Quint and I. He was basically a noob dressed the way Quint did when he first joined. I remember one of the girls who joined in a fight between Quint and Asuie was celia155. I don’t know but I still do assume most of these random public accounts that joined in was asuie but I don’t truly know. It’s just a theory. No proof really. That’s why there was so much hate on Fantage there wasn’t much proof just theories and people accusing each other of random things that didn’t even happen. People thought they were secure behind a screen but like Dharr Man says, “What happens in the dark will always come to light.”

Anyway Celia yelled at us one day when Quint and asuie were fighting and then appeared again later saying asuie wanted to be friends again. I don’t know how I had accidentally deleted her I’m pretty sure the mouse was stuck and I was trying to move it off of her username and it opened the Delete Asuie Yes or No Button and it hit the yes button. Understandably it convinced her Quint was me. Once again, wrong player!

One other time we’ve interacted with celia155 was in the Star Cafe and she was being inappropriate asking everyone for ceox. I had had enough and she was starting to annoy me so I decided to troll her. I would often use my robot board and my red scepter to become huge and troll so I did that and followed her until she left.

Now onto the jackherro thing. After all this happened Quint found that he had recorded a video with jackherro and celia155 (_ayaka_ as well I believe) in the background, we knew that they had also been baes in the past, but what went on with Jack and Quint finding this out was pretty funny.

Now the backstory of Quint, Asuie, Jackherro, Darkmoon, and Marvel.

Quint had met Darkmoon when they were both chasing after Loc for their Youtube channels. All I can say is poor Loc! LOL All he wanted to do was help people and he kept getting exposed. They had become best friends so close that people started a rumor that he liked her but they both said they were just best friends. When Jackherro and Darkmoon became baes Jackherro kept trying to make Quint jealous and I’m not sure why or how but Quint ended up deleting him or he deleted asuie for some reason or another and Jack deleted him for “revenge”. Eventually Quint spoke to marvel about our theories about all these random accounts coming after us talking the same as asuie ONLY theories. They told darkmoon110 and darkmoon decided to break up with him. Quint warned her that they would blame him which they did.

Sometime in between this situation Quint was recording some video and jackherro walked into the frame. He apparently “didn’t like to be recorded” meanwhile he had already had a video with jackherro in the background. He was out to get Quint “for recording him when he didn’t like being recorded.” Back then Quint didn’t know how to edit or cut out footage. Often times when Quint was trying to hang out in Mymall Jackherro would try to kick him out and follow him. Many times Quint’s friends had to chase him away mostly britneyspears90 and superstar who he called Mr. Loco known to him as beve lol. Hiphop800 did it too once as well. At vidcon Jack was messaging Quint and Quint was getting depressed because asuie kept talking about how much she loved her bae ahmadtatal and everyone else was deod, and he missed me so he left and hid while he was talking to Haze and Violet to feel less depressed. He went behind the trees in Mt. Fantage and jackherro went to the same exact spot and server after he had said to them he was going to log out and go into a different server. How did he know he was at Mt. Fantage? He hadn’t said anything about where he was going to go. So creepy.

Unexpected Break

Bonjour guys it’s me!

I don’t know how to intro this anymore.

Due to personal stuff I have been not blogging and honestly I have been disappointed in the blogging community and hurt. I am kind of tired of tiptoeing around trying to avoid drama. I am tired of trying to keep quiet about how serious some of this has been. After I make my final post about everything that happened I will turn the comments off. Do not call me names because every time I made a post about this I would get hate comments and it would really affect me and my day. Sometimes they don’t and I make jokes or they do and I make jokes to cope with it hurting me.

Real quick I can’t say much but one of my parents had to have major surgery and thankfully everything went well. They are currently resting in the hospital and I still really hope everything continues to go well.

I was told my anxiety is a normal reaction. It’s just more intense for me because it’s a muscle in my brain. Have you ever had a thought in your brain that wouldn’t go away no matter what you did? That’s mild anxiety. Have you had that thought for about four weeks before the thing happened? That’s moderate anxiety. Have you had that thought for the entire month or more? Welcome to severe anxiety the home base for OCD and anxiety disorder! Ever try to turn your brain off? Try it! It’s hard isn’t it? I shouldn’t do this coping skill because I can damage my head (not like its already damaged thank YOU very much OCD and anxiety disorder along with social anxiety and depression NOT) but sometimes when I can’t take it anymore and my coping skills don’t work which they often decide not to work I bonk my head against a wall. The pain helps it go away sometimes.

I have been having another issue. I am not very excited about this and I am hoping something might change or happen. But right now it seems like I don’t have a choice and this situation is very hopeless. If you have been a long timer to this blog you might know I have not had a good experience with friendship. I have one steady best friend since kindergarten and I am currently trying to get back in touch with him. I have improved a lot though thanks to Fantage and maturing basically. It takes me a little longer to mature I will admit that because I have a learning disability and that sometimes can set me back. But my DISABILITY AND ANXIETY DISORDERS DO NOT DEFINE ME. That is the worst part about those things some people not all but MOST people think I can’t do stuff because of these problems or anything I bring up to my doctors it’s immediately anxiety. No, I can’t just switch doctors because 1. I have an emotional attachment to them if I’ve been going to them for a while lol and 2. My medicine history is so complicated and rare it is best for me to stay with the most experienced doctors. But guess what? They are normal problems some more intense but they are still normal problems. Enough about this rant like I always do let’s get onto my problem.

I moved into this semi-independent house because I wanted to be by MYSELF. We moved in here thinking it was a one person apartment. I believe they downplayed it a bit because COVID-19 and the pandemic was still going on. But guess what? A roommate is coming and I don’t know what to do! Absolutely no one is helping me they’re just like “Maybe you’ll become best friends.” But that’s not my problem. My problem is if she doesn’t protect herself against the sicknesses I can get exposed to whatever she has or brings back when she goes out and get very sick often ending up in a hospital visit. Welcome to my complicated medical situations! Before you say everyone gets sick here’s a quick recap of some previous emergencies:

We were celebrating something in the morning. We ate some food. One of my sisters got sick and my family headed out of the door I started feeling weird. It felt like I couldn’t breathe and nausea. I thought, “Okay I don’t feel that great. I might be anxious. I am going to go tell my family before they leave and I am going to get some fresh air.” I told my family and explained I thought it might be my anxiety because that’s a common symptom of a panic/anxiety attack. Sometimes the fresh air does help. But that time it did not help. I don’t know how I got to this point but soon I was in the bathroom plainly getting sick and my blood sugar was going down. I tried everything I believe I tried ginger ale if it was diet no wonder it didn’t go up oops and ice cream but if it wanted to go up the ice cream would have done it. My dog Leo was in the crate for some reason I don’t remember why and he was barking like crazy. I called my family and soon enough I was also on the way to the hospital. We were on two different floors. So let me explain what happened a little bit more:

I am positive we both got food poisoning from the food from the celebration. My stomach hurt like the dickens and it has NEVER hurt that bad before. My sister got it first and me being the rare one in the family that catches all the strange stuff also got it.

Another quick example:

One of my high schools had whooping cough going around. Guess what I got instead of whooping cough? Walking pneumonia! I also got it again two or three years later! I also got the shot for it but it hurt so much I was like “I think I would rather have the sickness for the third time instead.”

I have also caught strep throat from my sister. So yeah that’s my life. Stomach flu and the regular flu has been part of that as well from my family.

I am still trying to call my Diabetes and Endocrine doctor to see what she has to say because she said when I was born I was immune compromised which is why I get sick so easily when I am exposed. That is why I have been protecting myself against COVID and any other sicknesses that has been going on.

So my two options for my doctor to say will be:

  1. She either says I can have a roommate and she just has to INTENSELY protect herself.
  2. She makes me move out.

I really don’t have a say in this because it’s complicated to explain what the STATE is. But basically all I can make out of the state is they make sure all the buildings are safe and make sure the staff keep their jobs. So if the STATE says do something this building kind of has to or else they can lose their jobs. That’s what the semi-apartment building means. There is staff to supervise medical things but mostly you have some independence.

I don’t feel like they’ve been doing a very good job. Quick explanation again, a few weekends ago I was in the 500s. That sounds like high blood sugar right? How do you treat that? With insulin if you’re type 1! Insulin is supposed to help the body or rather the pancreas I think break down the sugars from my food. Key word: Supposed. That weekend I was checking my Dexcom G6 waiting for it to go down after my long acting insulin and my correction dose which was made to get rid of my ketones in the morning and it did not go down. Instead it went up. You see, this could have been an emergency because it could have been saying “Hey, your insulin could not be able to be working right now.” I had fallen asleep earlier because I was tired (high blood sugar symptom and I am not supposed to sleep in these kind of ranges. When I went downstairs to check it had gone up. I asked for us to call the doctor. We tried the office I don’t know which one it is but it randomly closes so they didn’t pick up. They called the staff and they’re like: “We’ve seen her higher than that and she’s been fine.” That’s not the point. The point was MY INSULIN WASN’T WORKING. They were dismissing it as my anxiety but it actually could have been an emergency. I ended up calling and doing the right thing.

Also, lovely story Black Friday I felt dehydrated from a headache so I was drinking water. I drank it too fast so I ended up in the bathroom getting sick. Wonderful right? I have been treating my stomach very gently since then. Yesterday when I had a little bit more extra food it decided to cramp a lot so yeah.

Ironically I had been having a problem before my neurology appointment that caused me to feel a wave of tiredness and my eyes to roll back while I am awake that sounded like seizures or nystagmus to me. One time it got really bad at the library my body was jerking around outside and I felt like I was going to fall over. Before that I was struggling to go outside to meet my bus that I take which is called Access. Sometimes I couldn’t breathe sometimes they would come with dizziness or nausea. But after I threw up on Black Friday I haven’t gotten it as much.

Yes, I am going to go see what is happening. They were supposed to bring the bed at 8:30 for the roommate and nothing has happened. I am going to keep trying to keep positive because I really do love December and Christmas despite the hard start this year. I am also going to keep writing this very important post. I do not need to stay silent anymore. I have freedom of speech.


Animal Jam Bittersweets Adventures Tips and Facts

Are you on AJ Classic?

Do you like AJ Classic’s annual Halloween event where you play as your pet, beat phantoms, and get prizes? I sure do!

I don’t know how long I’ve been on AJ possibly since 2017 or 2018. One thing I have found out about this site is that I love it and that adventure is one of the best ones!

Since I have been playing AJ for so long I have played the adventure so much I have noticed a few things and a few annoying things that will be coming in a upcoming post today that I wanted to share with you today!
Number one: Other Jammers don’t always pick up their candy after defeating a phantom. If you see and pick up any stray candy on the ground it adds as yours!

Number Two: There is an area in the swamp that looks like it has cattails. If you don’t know what that is it is a plant that usually grows in swampy areas. But guess what? They’re not cattails! They’re actually hot dogs!

Number three: My favorite spot is what the other Jammers have been calling this year the fort. Why is it my favorite spot? Easy! The micro phantoms or as I like to call them baby or mini phantoms like to land there@

Edit: This was the third post I managed to write in October. It is a minor improvement from the previous years! Explanation will be in upcoming posts!