Got A Lot To Say In This Today

Hey guys it’s Nat! Sorry I haven’t been blogging much I’ve been working! No, not officially yet. Everything is still closed, unfortunately. But the good news is that I have a lot of things to say!

As some of you know I have been working on a Fantage project for about four years now and I have found a publisher but they seemed a little suspicious so I am going to check them out! I have lots of plans for the money when I actually get it published! I am definitely going to send it to Fantage and hopefully have enough left over for other important things! I am not yet ready to reveal my new idea I had today! I will give you one hint. All the hint is is that it’s sad that most people who are disabled are not allowed to be independent and they are stuck in a place where they probably don’t want to be.

The next thing is that I have reapplied to my old apartment building! I have contacted them and the person who helped us last time why I got moved out and how to contact me if there was a problem with my application and so far I haven’t gotten anything. I also asked one of the staff members there who helped me sign the lease last year how do I know what number I am on the list. Omg, I typed leash. I was thinking about something that happened with my dog’s leash which I will tell you about soon. I have decided since I have let either someone in my family, my team, or my doctors make choices most of my life I have decided to give this a second chance. I know they mean well and it could be worse but even though I have lots of medical issues and am disabled I should be able to live independently and that’s what I want. Once I’m in there again I ain’t moving out. If you guys have any tips on how to stay calm when your family is driving you crazy by not letting you be independent when you are ready to be independent I’m ready for any suggestions!

I probably have mentioned in the past that I have had a lip movement for a while. When described I guess it sounds anxiety related. My cheekbone spasms and pulls on the area of my mouth and lips. When I searched up lip twitching it would tell me about hemifacial spasm. Hemifacial spasm is a disorder where there is nerve damage i.e. by Bells Palsy or something tumor-related. I didn’t have any of the symptoms of either of those causes so I decided it wasn’t that. Half of this result was correct because it did occur on my left side. What was not correct is that it said it started under the eye. My eye wasn’t doing anything.

A while ago I was doing some more research because I’m sort of fascinated by it and I came across a result that fits everything perfectly. In my past posts I have said my doctors claimed I was high and was missing my Cortisol but what I found proves what I had been saying all this time. I had been denying I was high because that was what resulted in the numbers I had written down. Each time I was high it went down. They were claiming I was too high for too long which is not what I have at all. I have also been keeping track of my blood sugar numbers in my Google Docs. What I remember a lot in my apartment is me having blurred vision, headaches, and tiredness. I would sometimes do the wrong dose and then want to kick myself for having done that because if I’m not too careful that could turn into an emergency. What I found was called Diabetes Metillous. The hemifacial spasm I have is caused by the insufficiency of insulin and it also says a symptom is raised blood sugar. When I am there the second time I am all prepared! I have an apartment notebook and I am going to be extremely careful! I have a notebook and I wrote everything down! We have been doing some meetings and they’re supposed to “chart my good life” i.e. My idea of a good life is different than anyone else’s. What I’m getting out of these meetings is that at the moment there is no one but me to help take over the medicine. It’s hard when your family member is reluctant to give up what they’ve done for so long. I understand their concern especially when I mess up but I’m ready to learn and to prove everyone wrong.

It was a crazy weekend. All my siblings were in town sadly my brother didn’t bring his wife or my niece down with him and my sister who lives in Washington were here in town. I don’t know if I’ve said before but my brother and his family are coming here from New York at the end of summer.

We had to move out of the childhood house because they were remodeling it so we went to a condo that my family bought about a year ago. I don’t plan to stay very long as I’ve said before.

Most of you know I have a pet. I am very close to all the pets we’ve had and our dog currently has a lot of eye allergies. I tell my family when they get bad and nothing ends up really happening. So this time around my two older sisters decided to scare me by saying if we don’t take better care or really me because the person I’m stuck with for who knows how long she was going to take him to Washington D.C. or Animal Control would take him. He also needs a haircut the poor little guy is so hot but when they tried to take him today the one they went to said the vet had to do it. I know I take good care of him. I walk him 5 times a day each time I eat my meals and more if he cries during the night/through the morning. I’m the one who convinces him to eat and drink. Of course, they use my love for animals our pets especially. I felt very sick after being very anxious about what they were saying. My stomach hurt, I was tired, I was very upset. I have agreed to prove that I can take even more care of Leo even though I know and I’ve said it that they’re saying it to the wrong person. While I wait for my dinnertime I might lie down I’m still pretty tired from being so upset. We have a fan for Leo and it’ll help cool us off too.

We went to the park where my family well put my grandma. That was fun. We went past Idlewild a amusement park we used to go to every summer like Lake Erie. We talked about taking our niece to those places but not anytime soon. My counselor says she hopes they can reopen. I do too. I really want to go back to those places. It would be fun to see it as an adult.

That’s all for my updates today! Hope you guys are staying safe and mentally well in this crazy time!


Could This Be A Hacker?

Hey guys it’s Nat here! Today I am going to be talking about a few weird experiences that have been happening on my google docs account and a surprising announcement that has to do with my Fantage story book!

A while ago when I was playing a game called Fantage a Fantagian named camfr0ggy started making his own game inspired by Fantage. It started off as Fantage Legacy and turned into Pixpa/Pixel Park. As you might have seen they had a document out to the public. Someone who didn’t approve or agree with Mason’s project started to sabotage the documents. They could cover their discussion with anime characters dressed inappropriately. Of course me and the mystery addict that I am couldn’t help but try to figure out what was going on and who was doing it. I think I eventually figured it out but I had no proof just suspicion and proof is everything to detectives. If you don’t have the right proof things can get messy and people’s feelings are hurt when someone turns out to be wrong. I got to talk to them on the google docs one day I at the moment don’t remember what they said I’m so tired I am not even sure today is Wednesday. If you know please tell me!

A few days ago after sharing the document link for my blood sugars to my doctors and I was on one of my documents I think it was the one for my doctors the only people I had shared it with were whoever the doctors showed it to, my program to prove my numbers were good just in case they thought otherwise which thanks to my doctors everyone thought they were, and my siblings and we asked the people in the meeting if anyone had been on it and they said no. Now that I’m remembering I still have a few more people to ask but if they all say no it is very interesting to me why or who that was happening. My friend says it was just someone on the docs who has the link but so far no one has said they were on my doc link.

Little announcement: I found a publisher! However I am not convinced the publishers is trustworthy yet so I will be sending to other publishers just for a backup! I will be announcing it on my blog very soon also! I have yet to call them back. They keep trying to call me when I can’t answer. I will work on it tomorrow after I get a good night’s sleep unlike last night!

More explaining will happen tomorrow. I have to wait about an hour now before I can actually go to bed. This is torture!


We Caught A Hacker On Pony Wood

Hey guys it’s Nat! A while ago I asked my Instagram followers in a poll if they would be interested in hearing about a Pony Wood hacker story and they voted yes! This was when I was on Girlsgogames with one of my best friends Hazel or Haze as he prefers to be called you know him as pleasedatemypet from Fantage. I remember we were playing and the game started glitching kind of like Q-blast huh? Man do I miss Fantage! If you miss it too don’t forget to consider this petition and to support my book project!

Now after the ads are done let’s get into the story! Haze and I were playing Pony Wood and the game had started glitching. Somehow we were able to talk to the hacker through the game I really wish I could remember what we said but my brain feels like it’s turned off right now I’ll probably remember it later. I just remember being very shaken up after because it was the first time I had ever actually talked to a live hacker while they were hacking (cough cough sounds like Loc am i right?) Oh right half of the story just came back to me. They had a thing where you could send messages to each other while the game was going on and the hacker replied as Haze and Haze was like: wgtf I was like who are you? They were doing the typical hacker persona “You’ll never know you’ll never find out muwahahah jk I don’t even remember what they said but it was probably something like that did you guys have any weird hacker experiences? Let me know in the comments below!


Having A Lot Of Weird Experiences Lately

Hey guys it’s Nat! I’m going to do a quick life or quarantine update in this post! My brother and his family is coming during the summer from New York to move back here so my fam told them they could have the house where all of us lived in when we were a whole family. Anyway so my brother is assigning people to do work on the house and one of them started Monday we were alerted Sunday he cancelled so many times I didn’t think he was coming but when I say that I’m sometimes wrong! I am currently at my fam’s condo I don’t like it yet because I hate change and I just don’t plan to live here for very long. My dog is also currently having a problem with being thirsty and having to go a lot so we got woken up very early. Least last night we were more prepared and for the third night I am determined to work this schedule I have made work out. I gotta admit I’m very tired because I stayed up after knowing I wouldn’t be able to go back to sleep.

Let’s see, a black cat ran in front of my dog and I when we were walking last weekend is that a thing that if the black cat’s eyes are blue they’re fine but not if they’re green? Let me know if you know the answer! I also found a wishy my neighborhood has a lot of them especially in our yard. Anyone else do that too? I had three awesome experiences that had to do with Fantage!

  1. Someone has started a petition for them to bring back Fantage during quarantine! If you are interested definitely sign it! We need our site back! I am going to definitely share this link to those who might be interested in it.
  2. I have sent my copy of the Fantage book to its first publisher! I can’t wait to see what they have to say!
  3. I was invited to beta test something someone has made and all I gotta say is: Wow. That’s the closest I’ve ever come to this dream of working on Fantage.

A computer is still supposed to be on its way related to my school program so if I want to go back to my other house after he’s done working I can match my computer that I’m using now and that one to get the Internet. I’m determined not to live in this condo. It’s not my style and I just frankly don’t want to. I’m almost 21 I can choose where I want to live. I’m still working on getting my name back on the list for the apartments.

I have one more funny experience. I ran into a unknown user I have encountered before while looking at the ruins of the Fantage Legacy document and they were on one of my documents for my doctors! I don’t think I gave them the link so it was very strange to see them there! Anyway that’s all I can say about it for now!


I Miss Being Happy

Hey guys it’s Nat! I have a limited time on this computer but I am going to do what I need to do very quickly. Oh okay so I have more time than I knew of. I am sorry for not being active anywhere. Apparently I jinxed myself. Last time I said I could use my phone even though the Internet was removed from where I am living currently. Apparently my phone decided to stop working and won’t show me any videos anymore. I am currently am trying to get a new phone to be sent to me because without my top coping skill I am going insane. Ironically the month of May is Mental awareness month and recently I just am wondering if I belong outside of a mental hospital. Actually I have not been myself since I was forced to move out. I just miss being happy. I feel worse every day especially I can’t I feel like everyone else chooses everything for me and I follow everything else everyone else wants. This is one thing I am deciding for myself. It deserves a second chance and I am ready to give it a second chance. I am going to put myself back on the list I don’t care about what anyone says or thinks I am going to make myself happy again and this time to save my own life.


A Quarantined Girl’s Update

Hey guys it’s Nat! I apologize for not posting sooner but there’s a lot of updates I have to tell you guys!

I have not been so great mental health wise. I am still quite depressed and am having a hard time dealing with my anxiety and the move. I am still working on getting proof that the blood sugars were wrong and this is all a big mistake and I can go back at least. Something has happened that is also making me want to be there even more. The plan was I was going to be in my apartment, my parent would be in the condo, and my brother and his family would be in our childhood home. I have never considered that I would be going in the condo but so far I’m just going along with it because there’s nothing else right now happening unless they talk about the house they are trying to decide who to let in there. My parents also got married in this month and if you’ve known me for a while or read my blog for a while my parents are divorced. It is also the month last year that I moved into my apartment for the first time. However one good thing is that it’s also my grandma the one who lives far away birthday. Well, my network connection got moved to my parent condo so any time I want to go on the Internet I have to go to the condo. At least there’ll be some free libraries around. Free libraries look like tiny birdhouses that have books for people to read and put some there. I don’t know who does that but I have a hard time of getting rid of my books. I honestly barely got rid of some when we were packing for me to move in my apartment. Now that I have less time to have fun on my computer I am working very hard now to get to level 100.

My phone has been acting up. It’s an Android smartphone. I wanted one so I could play Fantage all the time so much for that. Its regular charger’s light kept flickering on and off and whenever I play on it the battery goes down fast. I hope to go on yahoo answers and get some answers fast! It might be time for me to order a new phone maybe I can do that through the Internet. I am also hoping to be able to download some books to read because I’m honestly getting really bored of reading. I’ve basically been hanging out with my dog, reading, fighting the number problem, during school stuff, and eating. I also have been sneaking peeks of media and Internet when my phone can handle it and the network is steady. I’m going to go write a story and then eat dinner.


Reacting To Old Fantage Drama/Hate Comments: The Truth About Being A “Well Known” Person’s Bae or Friend

Hey guys it’s Nat! I have a lot of posts and things to do today so this is going to be a quick as I can post. If you’ve been following me or reading my blog for a while you know I used to play this game called Fantage. My friends on the game one I knew from the game I previously played I still like to meet people I might have known from the game so let me know if you ever knew someone on that game as TheBFFAccount or bignaterocks23, bignaterocks23isbackya, and many more. DISCLAIMER: I am making this post for fun. Not to bring up past drama. As a fan of many squads myself and viewing hate I wonder myself sometimes how do they feel what are their thoughts (also coming in a following post about something that has been happening to the squads) so I decided to let people know how I really felt during that time and the truth you can decide for yourselves whether or not you believe me we’re not here to judge people or be mean. Hope you like or can relate to this post in some way!

As you might have known already my group of friends started making videos together and soon became well known thanks to the person who owned the channel. Soon people started coming after us for good and bad intentions. In most friendships people end up having crushes, dating, and all of that. One of the biggest dramas is crushes and rejection. I’ve been rejected and it hurts. I’ve been used and it hurts. Does that not make me want to get revenge on the person? Sometimes. Would I do it? Probably never. That’s the thing with the Internet. Haters/trolls think it’s their safe place because they’re behind a screen. That is slightly true but there is ways to find out who you are.

I’m about to do my snack and I think I need a sweet to react to all this drama. I had to skip my sweet yesterday because of a wacky and scary blood sugar moment which will be in the following posts. That was good now time to spill some TEA as ya’ll say today.

A while ago we found the clubhouse. Apparently we found some people there who didn’t like us for some reason. No hate to them I just would want to know and understand why someone doesn’t like us but it’s okay if they don’t want to share or express their reasons why. The first time I was in the clubhouse I was laughing at how people acted on Fantage. For example during the tomato fight event they said the times of when the Tomato Lorry came through downtown and still like 20 people were asking when it was coming. I decided to make a post of a joke and I triggered some people. They took it the wrong way which I apologize for if it hurt anyone. To make this faster a troll or a hater or haters found we were at the clubhouse and spammed the forum with hate comments against us and our friends. They did it on youtube too. Yes here’s what I was looking for! I found the post when they found a channel that my friend and I did together! I ended up deleting it after Fantage closed because I didn’t use it. They also made fun of our editing. I will admit I didn’t know what editing videos meant at all but now that I’ve been on I know what it is and how to do it. I wouldn’t say I’m the greatest editor now but I wouldn’t say I was the worst.

Here comes the good parts! Ah yes that ridiculous rumor of “You guys are the same person. You come on at the same time.” I can see why people would think that. Ever heard of maybe refreshing the page to see if your friends or the friend you’ve been waiting to be on is on? I’ve done that. Nuff said.

Man, this is a struggle to read. Let me see what I can read from there. What I did get a glimpse of “I like how when I trigger Nate she swears. Hm, I don’t remember swearing ever on Fantage youtube? probably but maybe not. Let me go to the ones that I can read. Right so this person kept calling Noah me and he defended us. Ahh why can’t I read my comebacks? There we go. I said: “You have no right to say it’s me. I don’t know you you don’t know me. You’re some idiot behind a computer screen.” Let me explain what I meant a little bit. We do live or at least I do live where people have freedom but what I meant is that they had no reason to assume the people defending me or us from hate was me? I have no reason to do that. Do they really think that’s the kind of person I am? Do they think I don’t deserve friends which in my opinion is wrong? It’s like a unspoken rule of friendship your friend gets hate or bullied you defend them no matter what. Innocent until proven guilty. Being a detective buff you need to have SOLID evidence not the kind of evidence people claimed they found. That’s not solid evidence. I really want to see what I wrote so hold up.

All right I took another picture and I will use the magnifying glass to read it later. I love how my friends tell the haters to go to something worthwhile like their homework. Ah yes that public account in the clubhouse. I love how the main person behind all of this went on public accounts instead of their real account and when challenged to meet on Fantage claimed they didn’t have a account. Here’s my personal favorite. Someone cared so much about whether or not Quint played as me that they made a account against a girl telling her to kys herself which in my opinion is way too far and stood in downtown in all caps saying he was playing as me. Now how do I feel about that? I feel that it is very funny. My life isn’t that great for people to pretend to be and as I’ve said before why would he want to play as me? It is quite obvious to me that we are different people and yet so alike they mistake us or our group of friends to be one and the same. Have ya’ll not read books where the main character gets taken in by the popular girl and the parents say you are acting like this popular girls? Jk I know people like never read books as much as I do. But haven’t you heard of that acting like your friends because you’re close?

Now let me see what my response was from those screenshots I took. Here’s what I can see that I said:

“Okay, I’ve had enough with you. Time to clear your foggy head up. Okay you think I’m dumb. I’m smarter than you’ll ever be. I have double anxiety, 13 medicines spelling at a college graduate level and YET I’m as happy as can be. Okay so you think everyone who defends me is fake. Let me tell you something. Wouldn’t the computer get too laggy if we switched back and forth which I DIDN’T. We also wouldn’t be able to comment right after each other (as they claimed) I really can’t see or read the rest. But what I did say from reading most of it is that this person obviously doesn’t know how to behave on the Internet. I just want to make this clear: I have no hate against anyone I’m all about peace. Isn’t my outro on anything always peace? But if I feel something or someone is in the wrong I have no fear to express it.


About To Lose It In Quarantine/Up and Down Blood Sugars

Hey guys it’s Nat! I have a unfinished post in the draft section which I will finish up shortly! I just wanted to give you a little life or quarantine update. Apparently places are beginning to open again not in my state yet but it was said we might be reopening on May 8th. I am conflicted in my opinion of that because I have a doctor’s appointment in that month in the hospital and I have to be very cautious because I have a long and complicated medical history. Being in a hospital so soon it might end up getting cancelled or not. I’m not even sure if I’m going to be going or go. But also this appointment is very important to me because I need some answers to what they thought when they saw my blood sugar numbers evidence which I will explain very soon and what they saw that made them decide something was wrong so I could see it.

Before I get into my plans to get my apartment back I am going to be talking about some things that have caught my attention on Youtube, Instagram, and Tiktok. As you might have known I made a post earlier talking about the drama behind the cameras. Basically it was an ex teen couple supposedly rivaling behind the camera with their friends and the parents were acting highly suspicious. What really linked these two together is that this girl in this couple is an actor in Mani a Brat TV channel which makes movie like shows on Youtube had a best friend who acted with her and something happened where they just weren’t friends anymore. The boy in this couple immediately got friendly with that girl and now they are boyfriend and girlfriend. They each have a different story when they switch squads and apparently friends.

One guy says he was offered a vape from one of the parents the kids in the squad today say the parents would never do that. Another says they were trying to force her into a relationship she didn’t want or like. Now the other squad says they kicked them out of their house after a major disagreement. I’m not naming any names because you probably know who I am talking about. Another parent says her daughter was getting bullied by the guy’s new girlfriend. The point is there is all these sides and stories going on and hate it gets you confused. You never know who really to believe. The way you can tell someone is lying is through their eyes. It’s very hard to act like you’re telling the truth when you aren’t unless you are really good. Next time you watch one of these drama or my “side or my story” drama videos look at their eyes. See if they are fidgety or are looking down. These are telltale signs of LYING or not being willing to tell the truth.

Recently as I also mentioned there have been a few car break ins. The squad members of Piperazzi had their family Jeep stolen but yet the damage was fixed and they have it back. About a week later someone spray painted Piper’s garage saying PIPER SUCKS. I don’t know Piper very well but I don’t think she sucks. I think her family manages her social media and fans or haters could misunderstand it and think it’s her. It says in her bio ACCOUNT MANAGED BY FAMILY. Some say the parent kissed a teenage boy I saw the video. I don’t know what to think. I believe that the parent might have some mind issues and is dealing with that but that is not me to diagnose or rather be concerned about it. All I have to say if it’s that case I’ll pray for you and hope you get well soon. They caught both the robber and the person who graffitied them on camera. They even hired a bodyguard for the premises. I looked into the other Jeep break in and I ended up being very confused so I will do more looking into that tomorrow.

The interesting videos I watched today were Piper and her squad talking about the hate comments and rumors and I think it is very wrong and very sad that Piper had to show her sick grandma in the hospital to prove that her grandma really does have CO-VID19. Apparently people were saying her crying was fake and honestly it wasn’t. People really have to be careful what they say on the Internet. Not everything is fake. Here are some other videos I watched for fun in quarantine:

The hate comments song is the best. Look for it on Sawyershabino’s Tiktok. Darn it I have it in my head “I don’t date noodles.”

Anyway now for my new favorite Brat show update and my up and down blood sugar yesterday. Oh right my plan! I am planning to get my apartment back and the first thing I did was count all of the blood sugars I had written down back then and compared them to the house I am in now. The first time showed I was in range more times there than here. I cannot wait to fill it and compare it again for the second time! Now while I was doing this I suppose I got super excited and it caused my blood sugar to spike all the way to the 300s. Around dinner time my stomach was growling very loudly and I had just begun to shake slightly. It turned out I was 58. I ate dinner and it went back up. I will also try and figure out the price of having a dog in the apartment is because I’m not kidding when I say I’m not happy here and I want to go back. They were wrong and I know it. It’s time to PROVE it. The doctors aren’t always right.


I Can’t Get Over It Still

Hey guys it’s Nat!

Today I am going to be talking about how my life has been going.

A while ago my charger broke and I had to be without my computer for a while. I had my Smartphone but that had its downfalls. I definitely missed my games.

Easter was fun. I got some candy to eat and a new stuffed animal. It was just sitting in my winter hat. I found it when I went to walk my dog. I have some candy to eat now which will satisfy my sweet cravings for a while! Easter has always been my favorite holiday. I must admit it was strange being inside but always still fun!

My friends from Fantage’s birthdays are mostly in April. If you knew them from Fantage I’m sure they would appreciate belated birthday wishes! They are babbyquint2338 (April 14) and pleasedatemypet (April 15) and Kody (April 9) (wreghvc) The next birthday is Violet (guiltyascharged). Believe it or not the next birthday after Violet’s is mine! *insert surprised face here*

You are probably confused about the title. I should just answer your question. What am I not over? Moving. I still feel pangs of what I miss about it. I mean I physically am fine but emotionally I am depressed and anxious. Most of it is my anxiety causing me to stay up at night. I just feel like my doctors freaked out over nothing and I am back to being stuck with my family for six to 10 years. However I am going to reach out to someone who was a nurse to me a while back and see what she has to say. The issue at least to me is that the Dexcom was what my doctor said I could use to live alone with my two fatal medical conditions and just my luck that it would go off reading the wrong numbers. My first time when I counted all the numbers together it proved I was in range more at my apartment than here.

Another problem is that when I get sick it happens fast and it is usually a quick trip to the hospital’s front entrance. I just miss my apartment so much. I don’t feel happy anymore. When I do feel happy it just feels fake happy. Yes I can physically get up and put a smile on my face but it doesn’t mean its real. I want to be independent but how come they can’t send someone to make sure I’m still breathing for at least an hour or two because I’m living “independently?” That’s a load of crap to me. People who have diabetes and other medical conditions have the right to live independently if they want and I want to. I don’t want to be stuck in a anxiety place for six or ten years because someone doesn’t want to pay for it. They are ruining my dream! That was the best seven months for me and I want to go back.

All I see when people tell me someone already has that apartment is my beloved empty apartment that was there when we went to get the modem. Every night I go to bed my head showers me with memories and images of the thing I loved and miss the most gotta love OCD right? Not.

I recently had an idea about maybe raising money for me to find enough support for me to live independently with a supervisor who would be interested. I am all about projects so wish me luck!

Also if you all know any good reading websites or apps that use change which I have or a website that lets you read the whole book without paying please tell me somehow! The Kindle on my phone makes you pay and if you don’t pay it just sends the sample. An Ipad for me might be on its way but I’ve learned not to get my hopes up too fast. Anyway the books I like to read are Warriors By Erin Hunter, The Hardy Boys by Franklyn W. Dixon, Nancy Drew by Carolyn Keene (the main author’s pen name) The Boxcar Children, The BabysitterClub Books, Babysitter’s Little Sister, and basically any detective, children’s fiction books.

I got a packet of work to do and I looked through it after talking to my teacher. I cannot get over being in a program where talking with a teacher outside of school is allowed. All my years we were not allowed to have any contact with any teacher outside of school. But the program I am in allows us to talk to our teacher through text or calling. Pretty soon we’ll be on our teacher’s front doorstep! (JK, that’s creepy for both of us)

A while ago I made a joking skit about Donald trump and the owners of Fantage. Let me know if you would want a teacher finding a student on the doorstep version! (If no one does I might just do it anyway)


What Do I Even Call This Post???

Hey guys it’s Nat! Today I am making a little put about how my life is going and if anyone wants to share how their life is going please do! I will tell you the bad news first. If you have been reading my blog for a while now you would know a couple of years ago I wasn’t feeling the greatest. I had a headache which isn’t unusual for me at all but what was unusual that I noticed is that I was extremely hungry, extremely tired, and would get winded just going to the entrance of Giant Eagle from the parking lot. Overall I just felt sick. One thing I didn’t add very well in that explanation is that it was around Labor Day. The day after I celebrated with my family I threw up in the morning. We went to the clinic I’ve been going to since I was a little kid I’m going to have to leave that place soon it’s definitely going to be hard for me because I have a rough time with any type of change. But anyway my doctor at that time sent me to the hospital and they quickly got to finding out what was wrong with me. Within a week I was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. That wonderful doctor called the hospital so we wouldn’t have to wait very long. Just recently the doctor who took his place when he retired got his opinion on my living on my own and he had a part in my moving out. He said I needed a group home. Technically he saved my life.

The bad news hit us suddenly. This doctor I grew up knowing as John’s (my older brother) doctor and then my doctor recently was killed by cancer on April 1. It was very shocking. My family came together and shared in the sadness. I am still very sad I felt numb when I heard the news. He’s helped my family out of some tough times and he’s saved my life more than once. He was loved and will be missed deeply.

I believe that he’s helped me one more time. Over the weekend before we got the shocking news I had had a rough night the night before because I was missing my apartment terribly. I cried for hours before I was able to fall asleep. Once I got the news that sad miserable depressed feeling has gone away. I know a way to honor his memory is now for me to live in a group home. It was so hard for me to move because I wanted to keep my grandma’s memory alive by living in a apartment because thats what she wanted me to be doing but now I feel like I should honor my doctor’s memory by living in what he wanted me to live in.

On a happier note Animal Jam and Ourworld surprised me! Ourworld gave me 1000 gems and I have been able to buy all my favorite items or items from my wishlist! I have been busy trying to get to the highest level by Easter because it’s fun and gives me something to do and it will open up more opportunities for me to have fun during this quarantine!

I have also been reading, writing, and my all time favorite authors released their latest book today! Of course the warrior cat fandom is very sneaky and we got a way to read the sneak peek early! I can’t wait until I can hold it in my hands and actually read it in front of me! By the time this is over it’ll be practically time for the next one!

Off to eat my cereal, watch some Hardy Boys and Nancy Drew, and read mysteries until I fall asleep! Please stay safe and stay entertained!