Revealing My Fantage Secret (I’m Sorry)

This is not my usual kind of post.

I have had a Fantage secret for a long time. Some of you have guessed it and I have denied it. Before I tell you why I did I will tell you a little bit of a background story which I think led up to me doing it.

As most of you know I come from Girlsgogames. I had a few friends there but when another member started gaining popularity they ended up deleting me or ignoring me. That led me to believe she had something against me because all my friends would leave me and delete me. I was also having some friend troubles in real life and was online hoping to find some real friends which I did eventually on there when I moved to the UK version of GGG.

I’m going to slowly lead up to revealing my secret so it won’t seem as shocking when I tell you what it is if you didn’t know already. I am not calling myself a Fantage celebrity or anything but I am using three of them as an example. If you don’t recall Civic_princess was a high-leveled player who was a player named red_ninja’s boyfriend. A lot of people thought they were the same person. Nickwall and An_molly were another pair of baes that got accused of being the same person. The difference is that they never addressed it or admitted it. So here I go better late than never…..

I did make up some of my friends on Fantage. I’m sorry. I’m sorry I didn’t admit it. Another reason why I didn’t admit it was simply I have OCD. You might be thinking what does a cleaning obsession disorder have to do with what you did? It’s not just a cleaning obsession disorder. Imagine hearing your worst fears in your head telling you “You have to do this certain thing or else this bad fear will happen.

A normal fear especially now when we have COVID let’s say your fear is getting COVID. OCD says flick this switch on and off five or six times or else you’ll get COVID. Naturally a human’s response is to avoid facing their fear and doing whatever it tells you to. I’m not telling you this as an excuse. This is the truth. I understand if it will be hard for some of you to believe me now but I am a new age and starting over. I spent my break thinking about this and decided it was the right choice. I am 22 now and I should have done better as a young adult. But I am still learning things as a young adult. This is one of the things I have learned as a young adult. I am also slowly learning how to get myself healthy again. Some of my friends on Fantage were real though not all of them. I understand if some of you leave because I made a mistake and I won’t do it again.

Another reason why I denied it is because I didn’t think I was catfishing. I was just making different characters. I am a writer. I like to make stories. That’s what I did. I do realize why people thought it was catfishing so I’m sorry if I tricked any of you. That’s another reason why I denied it. I was playing the character. Just please think of my accounts as unofficial Fantage characters. We all knew Fantage HQ was Michelle, Molly, Michael, Agent Scarlet, Dr. Finkelstein etc on Twitter if you asked them if they were Fantage HQ what do you think their answer would have been? Most likely no. I hope some of you can accept my apology and forgive me especially if there was a big fight I hope the ones I mean the most will read this post or if you know who I mean show it to them please it was not my intention to fool anyone or hurt anyone’s feelings. I will be starting over by another username if Fantage ever reopens. In the meantime I really did like making videos for everyone as my characters. Here’s a survey for you to answer whether or not you would still like videos from them?

Here’s another survey:

aIn the description of each video of these characters will be a little bit about them. I don’t think I have to add the public accounts in these. Public accounts are pretty obvious. I hope I’m not alone in this which I don’t think I am. I hope you guys are glad I had the guts to admit it late but better a little bit late than never.

Here’s the petition if some of you still want to help:

I hope some of you can put your anger aside and just let our common love of Fantage bury the hatchet. Once again I’m truly sorry.

I am going to be on another site like Fantage for a while. I also just want to say that we were both in the wrong. Some of you went to doing illegal things to prove that I was the accounts. I want to praise you you guys are really smart but I just want to teach you these things. If I was doing an illegal thing I don’t want you to do the same thing. I didn’t feel I was so I think that was just a misunderstanding. Catfishing is illegal where I live another reason I denied being those accounts I don’t know about other states but so is hacking and trying to find someone’s IP address. I knew your address because my comments were on my posts and when people comment on here there is a way to see the person’s IP address. Keep yourself safe and watch what and where you comment! The comments here are temporarily off as people deal with this new information or maybe not new information.

Hope you can forgive me.

I’m really really really sorry.

Taking A Break..

Bonjour it’s Mae!

I’m just going to be taking a break from Fantage social media. My birthday is not this Thursday but next Thursday and interactions with Fantage people has made me very depressed. I am however going to be working on my book, the petition, and finishing up some agreed videos during the break. You also might see some changes on my blog. i am really disappointed and hurt by some of the original bloggers that I thought were my friends but I guess not. I am going to take a break work on my mental health, my health, and not getting too emotional.


True Colors

Bonjour, it’s Mae! I have a few things I need to talk about. As most of you probably know I played Fantage. I started this blog back in June of 2015 because it’s my dream to be a writer, pepperoni is my favorite food, and Fantage was my favorite site still is despite everything that everyone has gone through. It seemed like the perfect thing to do. Fantage was all about talent and skills. Like Jimmyfantage and his Fantage legacy members said Fantage was a legacy. It was full of amazing editors, animators, video makers, bloggers, even most of the famous people were amazingMost of the people we hung out with were Fantage social media influencers.

This has happened many times. I am tired of having people being our friends and then betraying us. Yes, betraying us. Drama especially this stupid rumor has ruined many special days for me. One year it even ruined my birthday. Yes, my birthday. How would you feel if you found out that wonderful best friend you’ve been talking to is undercover and trying to expose your other friends because they truly hate you? Especially around your birthday. And yes that person was a blogger too. I had my suspicions and warned my other friends but it’s their choice. I can’t and I won’t make people choose not to be friends with people. I don’t hate you I just won’t try to communicate with you anymore especially if you tell my friends to “f off” or make fun of my learning disability. I am also getting pretty tired about being ghosted. All I want is a friend and practically everyone I go to ghosts me. I know I suck at being social but please I tell everyone if I’m bothering you please tell me I’ll get offended for like two seconds and be over it.

Like I have said before I’ve had experiences with toxic friends in real life. I have actually seen those toxic friends recently. I had no clue who they even were lol. That’s the result of being a toxic friend! You remember them for life until you meet them again and they remember you but you think they’re a stranger.

I’m not going to name names for their privacy but I just want to advise you if you don’t want other people to see what you’re saying or to be “exposed” maybe you shouldn’t be on public websites?

The latest reasons why we’re the same person to this person who felt the need to comment on his post “not you again” four years later after the game closed is because we are the same age and we have been baes for over four years. LOL We haven’t been baes for over four years. Every couple has their own problems. We just don’t announce our breakups for the “drama clout”. I don’t know where we are exactly but I still like him a lot and he likes me. All my friends on Fantage have been special to me which is why it hurts so bad when a person who we thought was a friend shows their true colors.

For the last time on this blog:

I am a Cancer. My birthday is July 22. I am 21 and a half.

Here is a cute picture of some of us at my grandma’s house. I am sorry in advance because I am pretty self conscious so here you go. I AM A FREAKING GIRL! If you aren’t that’s okay too. That’s just my pronouns.

Pre diabetes lol

I still miss my grandma very much.

Before you say you’re the one who’s trying to get it to reopen that’s different. I’m trying to get it to reopen because situations like these from this game has been life changing for me. I would never have stood up for myself against the mean dog breeder if I didn’t have this experiences from Fantage. Everyone says how they loved their friends on Fantage because it was hard for them in real life which is true for me too despite the ones who we have found who aren’t that nice. I have this urge to go find my grade school classmates where I was not an outcast exactly I think people just found me confusing. I was just as confused! News flash: You don’t. This person just commented that because our friendship has affected their life so much they want to hurt the people involved.

On a much lighter note I am going to be an aunt again! I kind of knew ahead of time there was something but didn’t know exactly what it was. I was very excited on Father’s Day to finally hear what the news was. I also have a great bunch of Ebooks to read so I better go get busy on that!


Fantagians Spotlight

Bonjour! Mostly of you might know that I have written a book about Fantage’s history and I have decided to put in one more thing to the book!

This section will be featuring Fantagians only! It will be called Fantagians Spotlight. My link to my story will be open all day on Tuesday June 15 to let anyone who wants to put their input of Fantage in! Please make sure it is a nice thing to say or else it will be removed! 😊

Hope to see some fabulous inputs!


Absolutely DISGUSTING/How Fantage Has Impacted Me

Bonjour, it’s Mae! How’d you guys like this intro?

Sorry if my gloomy mood shows up in my writing. I feel sometimes like writers moods can be felt in the way of their writing. I am a writer and one of the unsaid rules of writing is write down everything which might be why I wrote down practically everything at all of the schools I have ever gone to. It was quite funny to reread what I wrote about a long time ago. I will definitely share my favorite parts. You guys probably already know I’ve been obsessed with mysteries but what you probably didn’t know that it has been my ENTIRE LIFE I’ve been obsessed with mysteries. That’s definitely not going to change EVER.

Anyway, you are probably wondering what is absolutely disgusting? If you have been on this blog for a while you know I have been trying to get a diabetes dog, the first time failed, and I have been hoping to move out of my current situation for a long time now. About a year or two ago I was put on a waiting list for a paid opportunity to move out. I am still hoping to move back to my old apartment which I will update you all on at the ending of this post but right now I will be happy in this place I am apparently moving into on SATURDAY! That’s right, here’s how it happened:

We were told it was going to take six to ten years. When I was about to get my COVID-vaccine we got a call saying “Someone moved out. It’s your turn now. Find a place. Act Fast. Or else you might lose it.” That was very GREAT news. We went to at least ONE tour and found the perfect place on the FIRST TRY. We accepted it right away. We had one meeting recently where they went over the county rules I think it was and then we were going to have another meeting and get a move-in date but we got it before. I signed the room and board agreement yesterday. That isn’t what is absolutely disgusting though. What is absolutely disgusting is that I hoped to have a diabetes dog to train and to help me with my medical conditions and anxiety disorders. We got recommended to three people someone from Texas and someone from the state I live in. The people advised us to wait to move before training a dog but we got this opportunity before we ever got a dog. The person from Texas went berserk accusing us of not taking her experience and advice seriously and basically said “If I’m moving into a group home I am fully incapable of taking care of a dog much less TRAINING a diabetes dog.” She then asked for a Zoom meeting and full on yelled at us. I then asked her to leave because I can’t handle people yelling at me. What is ABSOLUTELY DISGUSTING is that people who are trained to work with animals to train people for this kind of thing DISABILITIES would treat someone with an actual disability like pardon my swearing but SHIT. This is not my first experience with negative people and unfortunately it’s definitely not going to be my last.

It hurts every single time. Please spread the word that people with disabilities CAN do things. We might not be perceived as “normal” but we are humans with feelings too. I would strongly appreciate it if any of you can recommend a good trainer or someone who is willing to give people like me a chance at least without judging. I am also going to do some research after I am moved in. I have quite a few ideas of people to ask. You might be wondering why did I add How Fantage Impacted Me in the title? That’s easy. I did defend myself against these judgmental people. My family and counselor were very surprised because yes in the past I wouldn’t have defended myself. I have felt myself changing and I feel that it’s been my experience on Fantage that has changed me. The funny part is that they think it’s the meeting that I’ve been going to every third/fourth Monday of each month but they have no idea it was actually Fantage. I am definitely going to say that eventually.

Okay, I am at the ending of this post. I am going to give all of you an update on my blood sugars range. The last time I posted they were slowly coming down from the 300s. Luckily they have gone down. Surprisingly one day it actually dropped to being low. My doctor says my range is 80 to 140 even though I remember her saying previously it was 60 to 140. Oh well, I got to not fight my doctors! What bothered me that day is that I didn’t even realize I was low. I just felt extremely tired and I thought that was because I had gotten extremely mad when I got criticized by my own family member for wanting to keep a bouncy ball for a coping skill. Maybe that’s why I dropped because I got so mad. Sometimes it does that. I am very happy because my goal was to get my numbers down before my doctors appointment which is July 19 three days before my birthday! It’s in the range that will bring my A1C down! I hope it will continue to stay there!

I hope you guys had a great holiday and have a great weekend!

Deja Vu

Hey guys it’s Nate!
Actually I’ve been starting to slowly go by my middle name. How do you guys like Hey guys it’s Mae or Bonjour it’s Mae because I’m a huge Paris France addict! Anyway, it has almost been an entire month since I posted.

I am almost for sure moving into that second place. I will know for sure after my two doctor appointments that they recommended I get before the meeting. It’s called a TB test and the next day they tell me the results. We have to go back in the next day to read the results.

When I was moving out of my apartment and into a new house with my parent we put my things in the garage thinking it would be safe. Turns out that was a bad move! Half of my stuff got ruined. My childhood house has a bad habit of flooding the basement and for some reason it floods into the garage sometimes. My dad built a trench a long time ago so the water would run down the hill. My poor books, papers, notebooks, and many other things got wet, molded, and chewed on. I did think it was a gopher but the most logical animal that we have in our neighborhood is squirrels. Some of these things are really irreplaceable for example the directory of my old elementary school. I don’t know how many of you know this about me already but my elementary school closed down. They combined schools with the grade school that my aunt, my dad, my other aunt, and my uncle went to. I thought for the longest time it closed because the priest was robbing our school’s church but I was told otherwise. I still think that’s why it closed. I think the last year it was open they gave everyone a directory of the students, teachers, principal, vice principal, the library monitor, etc with peoples names and addresses. I was heartbroken when I saw it damaged. It’s not like I can go back in time and relive that moment. I managed to write down some of the important names of people I’m going to try to find and see how they’ve been doing. I’ve changed a lot since we were together and seeing my best friend (maybe crush now?) definitely made me realize that despite the ups and downs we had together, I miss them. I want to have a reunion. It would be fun!

Another thing that broke my heart seeing it damaged was a fairytale book my grandma gave to me. She even made a inscription in there for me. But when I was starting to get really upset I found a card from her. I took that as a sign. I believe in signs and things like that if you don’t know that about me already. I think I had graduated or it was my birthday and she gave it to me for that event. A while before we lost her she told me it was her favorite book. If you didn’t read my post when that was happening my grandma got very sick after her 96th birthday. I am very sad while writing this post but I feel a little bit better now. Another thing that meant so much to me was one of my favorite games. It was called Snow White and The Seven Dwarfs. I don’t know if my other favorite games survived I haven’t found most of them yet but they were called Sesame Street Monopoly and a Madeline game. Another one was called Early Bird Gets The Worm.

Some of you are probably wondering why I named this post Deja Vu. No, I’m not talking about Olivia Rodrigo’s new song except that it is a pretty cool song just like Driver’s license but this isn’t why I named it that. As most of you probably know I was in an apartment by myself in the neighborhood I grew up in because the former owner most likely committed arson on their old building so they built new apartments. What I didn’t say was that on that same street there was a very old theater. It used to be very busy when it opened but they moved it to a manor. Someone in my family used to work there but they don’t anymore. I’m sorry but it is not my place to tell you why they don’t anymore. What does new houses have to do with the movie theater? Easy, my old apartment is tearing it down to make new apartments. I am moving again but I don’t really want to be moving there. I want to be moving back there. It has everything I wanted and everything my doctor wanted for me but it’s not my old apartment. I’m moving in there with the focus and hope that I can get my blood sugars to be normal again before my next apartment so I can prove I can be independent. If they go down after I move my doctor will say it was the staff’s doing but if I get it down before I move and keep it down she will know I can be independent. It is very hard to get blood sugars to stay down especially if you are a very emotional person. When I get excited, stressed, angry, anxious, sad, etc my blood sugars go all over the place. Example? I was 411 and I started looking at old Fantage pictures I shot up all the way to 449. The good thing is that my two problems are food and my anxiety so I know how to deal with them.

Important news is that I finally found a new Nancy Drew on Ebook! I thought I was going to have to buy it on Google Play books but turns out my library’s overdrive has it. Also a quick Fantage single player update! Someone on Instagram told me that they put those who donated to their program in the Hall Of Fame building! I recognized a few but the most important one was Himani! Do you know who Himani is? If not let me tell you! She was an OG Fantage admin who had to quit because her dog Yummy was sick. I was super happy to hear she was active! I had an idea a while ago and she was part of it. More on that later!

Got to go walk and get my blood sugar out of the 300s!


Super Excited

Hi guys it’s Nate!

I have so much to tell you all that I didn’t get a chance to before!

The last time I made a post I was expecting to get a black goldendoodle puppy that we named Franco. Sadly he was going to be too big for me to handle when he was fully grown. It would have been an unsafe situation for the both of us. I was very sad for a while but my counselor made me laugh and I felt better after. The joke was about the size of the uh dog’s bowel movements haha!

The good news is that the trainer is seeing if two parents of an Australian goldendoodle litter will be pregnant. They said it would maybe be as long as July. July is perfect because it is my birthday and my sister has told me it’s my golden birthday which is when I turn the same age as the date I was born. I really hope this year’s birthday will be better than last years!

I also just went on two tours for a new place to live! That’s right, I’m finally moving to somewhere! I am so excited. I really liked the first one which I honestly wasn’t expecting to like! I had really liked what I heard about the second one but after we visited it the first one definitely was my top one!

Another update is yesterday I’m considering asking people to call me Mae! I have never really liked my name Lisa but I have loved my middle name a lot more. My name is so plain to me!

The Fantage petition is going well we’re almost at 500 signatures! Wow, we’re at 208 signatures! I can’t believe it!

Here’s the petition if you want to sign and share yourselves!

I am considering asking advice from someone I know from my program who had published a few things before about the Fantage book and it made me the happiest girl in the world when she complimented me on my writing!

Another quick update I’ve been playing a game called Avakin Life. It has filled the empty void for Fantage for now! I am planning on calling Fantage from the number or the company number’s listed on the Leshop Color By Number App!

I have a new computer so I will be back making posts again! That’s all I gotta do for now! I gotta eat my snack!


Happy Birthday Fantage!/ Reaction To My Old First Posts/WordPress Anniversary

Hey guys it’s Nate! Sorry for not posting on here a lot! So much has been happening lately I am super excited! Anyway as most of you might already know I used to play Girlsgogames and came onto Fantage from GGG. I like to write and I liked Fantage so I decided to make this blog. Fantage Pepperoni was born! It says I joined March of 2015 basically but my first post was made in June 2015. Fantage’s official release date was March 17 2008. To remember them for their birthday I have decided to react to my old first posts. I have edited them since the first time because honestly my anxiety made me type really weird and it makes me cringe 😬 😂 I was also really hyper when I was younger I still am hyper when I feel like it but not as bad as it used to be.

My first post was my name, age, and some things about me. I still quite enjoy milk, pepperoni, and peanut butter but I basically like all foods. The only foods I really don’t enjoy eating is butternut squash. Some food I am beginning to get sick of is the foods I can eat between meals like celery and basically any leafy green food. I feel like a rabbit when I eat these. I call this my rabbit food. 🤣 The next few posts were about the rules for the blog, anything that broke the rules was deleted, a few reblogging people’s posts, it was a sign of support for the person who made the post. There was one time where there was a hacker called the Gone Gone Hacker. They would go on the person’s account and say this person is gone gone. I heard the theory that it was a girl called Owl. Was that true? Did it ever get proven? Did that mystery ever get solved? Please let me know if you know what happened to that hacker. A Fantage post was me laughing about the tomato fight event. The best events to laugh about for me were the dab event and the tomato fight one. Which ones made you laugh?

Some funny stories about one of my many old schools, we had a very bouncy bus one day we had seatbelts on but we still got bounced and thrown everywhere, one day we went to school on a half day and half the teachers didn’t show up because of snow imagine a snow day in spring I don’t remember if that ever happened in my state before but I honestly wouldn’t be surprised if it has, I got a carnation from someone I feel so bad the flowers didn’t last a day I still really want to know who sent it no I still don’t know who sent it I would really appreciate some information if someone knows anything about it if they knew me at school 😉❤️, honestly I need to stop being surprised when people say they like me. I just assume they must be joking or something. I honestly have a big crush on someone right now and I need advice. I might just might post about it to see if anyone has advice. Here I go again off topic haha!

My last old post reaction is going to be the time my ex bae Quint and I got pranked. We were hanging out at the cruise and someone pretended to be looking for a bae. The typical prank on Fantage for the poor couples 😭😂 “Why are you with her bae?” The guy: “Who tf are you?” Girl:😵❓⁉️ All jokes aside it was really hard to understand what they were saying because of the filter but the best part of the prank that I can remember is that kittykatmeows808 came over, said she would be his bae, got in a argument with Quint, she called him rude and broke up with him. He literally had a fit. 🤣😂 Later on the girls who were hanging nearby with us told us it was them. Funniest prank ever! I have to go now to charge this phone my computer is being weird but I hope I can do some things again with it soon or maybe a new computer! I miss it a lot! I will do my best to be way more active I have so much to tell you 🙂 I have to do some serious updating on this blog as well. Can’t wait!


Why I Think Fantage Should Reopen/Please Sign These Petitions If You Agree

Hi guys it’s Nate! I have a very important post to make about Fantage. As you could see before it was the New Year I was definitely thinking about Fantage. As you know it closed about 2018. Fantage was definitely a underappreciated game. It has helped so many people in so many ways. An example is that people have built friendships that probably wouldn’t last in real life. My friend Quint found his hobby throughout Fantage. So many people have gone through Fantage and had something good to say about it. It has definitely helped me with my anxiety. How? Here’s an example: After losing my dog I began to constantly get panic attacks every day almost every hour. The only thing that actually stopped the panic attacks was Fantage. How did I find Fantage? Someone had recreated something like a stimulator for Fantage because they missed it so much. It is called Fantage Single Player. I also looked at old Fantage videos I used to watch. That is how important it is to me still years after it closed.

You might ask what about the problems? Easy! They most likely closed because they didn’t have enough money to fix the problems and we all know Youtube gives money to those who make videos. We are all at stay at home orders or in a second lockdown. We can all play Fantage and make videos like many people did before. I don’t know about you but I am signed up for a VISA card that gets filled up when I show up for the meeting and I would gladly pay it for Fantage like I used to do and I’m also supposed to get a VISA card for showing up in person to a doctor’s appointment. I have seen many people say they would play Fantage because of the pandemic. It is also really hard to find a good game. That settles it for me Fantage was the ONLY good game.

Want to repay them for what they gave us? Yes? Fantastic! See what I did there? 😂😏 Here are the next steps:

  1. Sign these Petitions and share them on social media Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Tiktok, Youtube, Discord, or your blogs!
  2. Make Youtube videos related to Fantage!
  3. Make posts related to Fantage.
  4. Did your family play Fantage? Show them these!

You might be asking what about your book project? Don’t worry it’s still going strong! I just have to update it a little bit and continue to find a actual publisher that isn’t a scammer. There are actually a lot of them out there.

Here are the petitions:

Petition 1:

Petition 2:

Petition 3:

Thank you for reading this and participating in repaying Fantage if you decide to. I will also be commenting on old Fantage Blogs so keep an eye out for that!