Fantage Book History Discord Server

Hey guys it’s Nate!
As most of you are aware of I have been working on a Fantage history book project. Recently there has been a site going on around Fantage called discord. It is a chat site basically and anyone can join your server if they have the link. I made one for my Fantage book History Discord Server. If you like it or want to help here’s the link to my discord server:

I will be working on it today and I have a lot of good ideas on what to write about. You Fantage players have been helping a lot. People have been posting pictures of old Fantage things and that has been helping me get ideas. There is also a channel that I subscribed to who is making like a memorial of Fantage channel. Here’s the link to their channel:
I have also emailed Fantage but I do not believe I will get a reply from them. I will also email them again today to tell them about my blonde intriguing hair getting stolen.
Two things left to say in this post and then I will have to go test. I got two notifications of two books from my favorite author and favorite series warrior cats. The only bad thing is that the release dates are like a long time away. Sd but it will help me very much!
The last thing I want to say is that I have acquired a OCD book about the same time my OCD medicine started kicking in after we increased it. It has been helping me and I have been calm lately a lot more calm than I was before the past months. It is called Being Me With OCD: How I Learned To Live My Life and Stop Obsessing By Alison Dotson. It had other people’s stories about their OCD and how it affected them and how they dealt with it. Look at this picture of a OCD brain and a regular brain which is what they suggested:
Screen Shot 2018-06-22 at 3.24.11 PM.png
Looks different right? All that thing in the top of the head is the OCD aka their worries/fears. I got to go test now but it felt good to post today!


Reacting To Spam Comments

Hey guys it’s Nate!
I am going to be reacting to spam comments since I haven’t done that for a while.
The first five comments are the same comment with saying what over and over again repeatedly with different email addresses and I.P. addresses. My friend mimy2788 has been giving us good information about the ones that she is getting and credit to her for giving me something that I want to do is look up how many times they got reported at or something like that. Here are two pingbacks to two of her posts about them:

The first one is:
Screen Shot 2018-06-22 at 2.10.29 PM.png]
They are from Torino, Piemonte Italy and they have been reported for abuse 0 times. Their email listed is
The next one was the same comment but the username was different. The same email address was in it so you can guess that it’s probably the same person. They also had the same I.P. address as the first one.
The next one was once again the same comment but a different user, a different email address, and a different I.P. They have been reported one time and they are from Cairo, Al Qahirah Egypt. They were reported for being a false admin on blocklist whatever that is.

Screen Shot 2018-06-22 at 2.19.04 PM

The third comment different user, different I.P. different email address, but same comment is from Porto Alegre, Rio Grande do Sul Brazil. They have been reported 15 times and abuse percentage is 36 percent. The most recent one was three days ago. One of them was a attempted hack on a wordpress user. After looking at the ISP it is a private but public network. Anyone can use it but they can’t be traced.

The fourth comment is once again a different user, different I.P. etc you know what I’m going to say. They have been reported 12 times and the number of abuse is 21 percent. They live in Tbillisi, Tbillisi Georgia. Wow what a strange name to type! Never even heard of it. The ISP is Magticom Ltd. They were reported 2 weeks ago for a wordpress authentication failure which means they could not log into their wordpress account if they even have one or had one. Could also be an attempt to hack into someone else’s account on WordPress.

The fifth comment is the same kind of thing as the ones I’ve been talking about different user, different email but the same I.P. The next one was a repeat of the comment what with with different I.P, different email, and different username. They have been reported 5 times but it is still in Tbillisi, Tbillisi, Georgia. They have been reported for trying to hack an admin. Now those weird comments that repeat are over and I have my regular spam comments to read, react to, and see what information I can find out about them. is very
helpful I found it a while ago over the Internet and you can report anyone too.

The first spam comment is from that site that I recognize but first lets see if they’ve been reported before and where they’re from. They are from Stockholm, Stockholms Ian, Sweden and they have not been reported at all. I could report them if I wanted to but I don’t. I like their spam comments.
What their comment says:
You imply like after we sing reward songs in Church? Larry requested and daddy nodded.? Well I could always make a worship song.? So Larry jumped to his toes and commenced to make up a track to a bad tune.?Jesus is so cool. It’s enjoyable being with God. He is the funnest God anybody might have.? Larry sang very badly so Lee had put his palms over his ears.
I really like these kind of spam comments. Yes that comment right there shows how being fearless really motivates people. Even though Lee whoever he is in this comment didn’t like Larry whoever he is once again didn’t like singing he just continued and went and did it because being fearless made him happy. Being fearless is what everyone needs. I feel like that with my OCD sometimes when its calm and I can sit through whatever is making me anxious and bothersome. That’s what they teach you to do.

The next one is a person from, Novorossiysk, Krasnodarskiy kray Russian Federation. They have been reported 5 times and the abuse was 91 percent. The comment is not abusive to me but they have been reported for spam and hacking wordpress users. Here’s their comment:
I was more than happy to find this net-site. I needed to thanks to your time for this wonderful read! I positively having fun with each little bit of it and I’ve you bookmarked to check out you weblog post.
I know you spammers just type anything but thank you for the compliments even though I am guessing you barely saw my blog! The last one must have taken like a hour to write or more. I can’t wait to type it and react to it. I might just copy and paste it. Here’s the comment I got: mean. It not like they had just one episode to prove who they
are, they have a whole season to do it. And to be fair, the edit in no way left any open ends regarding where Miz Cracker got her makeup, it was clear
she was referencing one of her own former looks from her scrapbook.

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They were busy. They added a link at the top of the comment. Let’s see what the link is to react to it. It took me to a shopping online beauty page. Sorry for this reaction but YUCK. I hate shopping stuff. Literally if you ever get me into a mall I will start reading whatever book is near me in like 5 minutes. They seem to be a worker in this site and is advertising to get more people on it. Thanks for coming onto my blog but wrong person to spam with that! If you ever make a book website please spam that instead! Thats more like me. They are from Buffalo New York, USA. They have not been reported. Good I liked them in a way. I would definitely not report them for spam. They were just doing their job which is what people who have jobs need to do.

Now my reaction to all of these spam comments. The what comments are definitely bots that are programmed to spam a wordpress user which is why they all have different users and different email addresses. The ones after are just regular spam comments motivational ones which I like getting because I read them after I have a bad day and it gets me motivated. The last one I already reacted to which was someone doing their job which is good. If any of you want to spam book related comments please do so.

Got Hacked and All Details

Hey guys it’s Nate!
I have tons of news for you guys. I recently got hacked. I was having trouble logging on but that’s nothing new. I am usually on it too much so that was probably just lag. I made a video on my idea that I have been working on for a while and mentioned very little in this blog but in this post I will give you all the details. Now let’s get into the hacking part. When I logged on I was dressed in my starter clothes. When that happens it means your membership either ran out, your pm boutique items returned to the store, or someone hacked you. Like I always do when that happens is make sure no items are missing. A few times I’ve missed an item and think I got hacked and then I would find it the next day. I checked my inventory. The hair I always wear was gone. I checked it more than twice to make sure I wasn’t missing it. I even selected the color of the hair to make sure I didn’t miss it. It was gone. I also couldn’t find my PM Boutique outfit. It probably returned to the store but none of the other items I got from there had gone away.
It’s weird. It’s not like I want my stuff to be gone but why did they take the blonde intriguing hair and not any of my other things? I have better things that they could have taken but they took that. It really made me feel angry for the rest of the day because that was my favorite item.
I don’t feel as angry today but still that’s messed up. Someone dmed my friends on Instagram with information that I didn’t get hacked my weave was snatched. My friend took a screenshot that they got from that person and sent it to me. I took my own screenshot. This is what it was:
Screen Shot 2018-06-17 at 9.07.34 PM.png

They said my “weave got snatched” which means someone wanted that particular item to “snatch” from my inventory and sell it at mymall for 0 gold. If you guys know anything about a blonde intriguing hair up for sale at 0 gold sometime yesterday please do find me and say it. Also if you know who did it please find me and say it. Dm me on Instagram. My user is natewillalwaysmissfantage. I’ll be editing my contact information page too. Link to it will be right here when I’m done: If you know anything about this please find me and say it.

Now time to go into details. I have been working on my idea that I’ve been working on for a long time. It’s been going good but I explained it very little in my blog posts before so I am going into full detail now. Before I get into it I know some of you will be like we can’t save Fantage and there’s nothing we can do and I know that. But it doesn’t hurt to try. It would hurt me too much to let it close and not try to save it. What I have said is that I want to write a book about Fantage’s history to remember it and publish the book. What I didn’t include is that I want to give Fantage the money once its open. I know the amount of money that they need but I am keeping it to myself because knowing the amount of money they need would discourage too many people if they wanted to help and I want every person who wants to help to help. What you have to do to help:
Spread the word about this.
Tell me anything you remember about the history of Fantage preferably 2008-2013. Recommend anyone or anything you think will help.
What old Fantage events do you remember?
Any famous Fantage players preferably the people I can’t remember like queen_bee or bridget_ or any of the ones that were currently in the hall of fame top rankings before they removed it
You can also message me on here because I’m always on here!
I have joined the discord site and joined the Fantage server. You have to be signed up for it I think but here’s the link to the page that helped me join it once I signed up for it:
Just go down and you will see the Join Server. Thats what you use!
I might be making my own discord for this idea of mine. Will be letting you all know of the progress on here, on my instagram, on my channel, and my discord once I make it. I got to go eat my cereal now.

Wanted To Make A Post

Hey guys it’s Nate!
I have so much to tell you! But I will have to put them all in different posts so this isn’t too long.
I’m sure you all have things you want to do other than reading this post so why not make it shorter?
For this post I will be making the next part of my book series that I started on this blog. Here it is:

I was wondering about that boy Antonio. Everything about him was etched into my brain whether I wanted it or not. Being related to famous people was always a big deal for my neighborhood and everyone knew who I was courtesy of them but never did a person hold my attention as much as he did. Antonio had something about him that made me want to know more about him. I headed downstairs ready to eat my bagel with cream cheese and peanut butter. It’s a strange combination I know but I Coral Reed have always loved it. I sat down and something caught my eye. The local grocery store had been robbed. They stole a bunch of fruit. This has been happening for months now. Some person or persons had been going to Kay’s Food Store and robbing their contents. Last month they stole milk. Who knows how they keep these foods warm and cold? It was probably someone who didn’t have a home and was hungry. That made me remember that I should probably do something for those people. It’s a big deal when you’re related to famous people because you are obligated to be kind to everyone. If you aren’t extremely kind the whole thing can get out of hand. This kind of thinking made my mind wander back to Antonio. What did he do? What was he doing here? Did he know who I was? Would he even want to be my friend? We had different lifestyles. I was used to the famous girl life which can get pretty annoying believe it or not because almost every girl dreams about being famous and who knows what his life was like? I finished my bagel and headed outside. As if magic there was Antonio. He smiled his smile at me the one that stuns me momentarily and he said, “Coral right? Coral Reed?” He knows me? He knows my name! Everyone knows me but when he said it it felt like I had suddenly found a box full of my favorite food and found something better inside it. I said as calmly as possible, “Yes. I’m Coral Reed.” I decided to get enough courage to ask him something. I said,”What are you doing here?” Antonio simply said, “I live with my older brother. He got kicked out of his house back where we used to live so he took me with him.” I was wondering about his entire family. Where was his parents? Why was he with his brother? Antonio looked at me and sighed. He said, “My parents are in jail.” It was almost as if he was used to the question and used to giving that answer. I wasn’t any near ready to ask why but he said, “They both did some bad stuff in the past but they’re taking their time now for it.” He didn’t reveal why or what it was that they did that was so bad but I knew he would tell me when he was ready. Antonio was getting ready to leave when I blurted out, “Antonio, will you want to hang out with me?” Antonio smiled at me again a change from his crestfallen expression a moment ago and he said, “Sure! Where?” I suggested, “Jerry’s Ice Cream Store is really good around here.” He said, “Sure!” His smile slowly faltered. I suggested, “How about four tomorrow?” Antonio nodded and said, “See you there! Let’s meet here.”I said, “See you there!” I then ran back into my house. What was that? Could this be an official date or were we just hanging out? I recognized my symptoms. I have developed a huge crush on this boy Antonio and I was ready to learn everything I could about him. Maybe he felt the same way about me! Little did I know everything Antonio would have done to make his brother satisfied even betraying people that were close to him.

That’s the second part for today! I am really looking forward to writing more of this.

Reacting To Fantage Legacy Game Feature

Hey guys it’s Nate!
I am going to be reacting to Fantage Legacy’s blog update features. I have heard a little bit of the features before but never read it myself fully. Yes they have joined a Fantage discord server. I will have to sign up for it one day myself but I am not interested in discord. I do know it is hosted by jikorox because she and others have been putting the links in the Fantage clubhouse. Maybe one day I’ll use the link. There is also going to be posts about Fantage Legacy in it. There’s already a lot of things to let people know about Fantage Legacy. I have heard that the game features have been updated so let me react to it.

The first feature that you see right away is that they will provide every player with premium membership and ability to get every member item and do what a member does. That sounds really fun since thats been a proble for Fantage not for everyone but some people. When I was new it was a big struggle until I learned how to get better items. They also said as soon as you join you get membership for free right away. The next feature is the only currency on the game will be stars. They are taking away gold and ecoins. I personally liked ecoins but I do like their idea of just stars. So far it sounds like how Fantage started off but they took the wrong path. Stars and gems will be the only things used. They will be easy to earn by playing games and doing tasks once again like Fantage now. The third feature is eliminating all forms of trading from the game. That makes sense because I never really got why trading was a thing on Fantage because it just causes more problems.

The next feature is releasing events for users to participate in like what Fantage does now and you can buy the items with stars or gems not like Fantage now. I have always hated that you needed gold to buy limited event items so this sounds really good! The feature after that is that they take safety of their users seriously kind of like Fantage now but what they will do is to have each member have a four digit security code to help verify players and will notify them if someone tries to hack.

The last feature is the frequently asked questions and the answers. These are the questions and the answers.

Will I have to create a new account for Fantage Legacy or can we use our now Fantage accounts?
Answer they Gave: No you will have to make a new one and the items will not transfer. But you can gain them back quickly with your new membership once you join.

When will it be released?
Answer They Gave: We do not have a set date and there is going to be three stages of the development process: Closed Beta, Open Beta, and Final Release. They will select random users to play in closed beta, once they end that they will release open beta and anyone can play it. They want everyone to report any issue during the game in open beta. Once the open beta is done the final game will be released.

Can I/we/ participate in the making of the game?
Answer They Gave: Maybe if you don’t beg for a spot on the place and you have to follow their blog, Instagram, and discord to be informed of when they need people to help.

Will there still be medals, levels, and the Hall Of Fame?
Answer They Gave: Yes and anyone who tries to use cheating methods cough people like LOC cough will be banned by their security team.

Why does it take so long to you to respond?
Answer They Gave: He has been swamped with questions about the website and is not ignoring you and will catch up to answering your questions when he can!

Can we/I help you make the game?
The Answer They Gave: They have a page for official positions and you have to be eligible for all or most of the qualifications for a chance to get it. If you have any questions about a job get in touch with them at:

Why is your user for Fantage Legacy M?
Answer They Gave: It’s M for Mysterious.
That is very accurate. You guys are all being very mysterious.
Then at the bottom they said more FAQS will be answered!

Now time to look at the open positions page. I am just going to be listing the requirements and their description of the blog If you want to view the page entirely the link to the position page is right here:
Join Our Team

If any of these applies to you I highly suggest you go and apply!
The first job application listed is:

They will be working with other admins to work on projects, events, and problems with the players/games. They will also have a specific department to work with and talk to the leader and will be responsible for hiring and recruiting new members of the department you will be running.
Must be 17 years or older (will need verification)
Must be available full time (2 hours a day, 5 days a week
Must have one year with customer service/relational experience
Must have an active Fantage user that has been registered before Jan 1 2011
Must be available to do conference call once a week (1 to 2 hours)
Then it says at the bottom benefits are available for this position based on experience and age.

The next job that is listed is:
Moderation Team Member
They will help them reenforce the security and keeping the game a good site. They are planning to moderate the messages people send to each other while still offering a open filter. Any use of bad languages or anything that breaks the rules of the talking will get your account banned.
Requirements for that:
Must be 17 years or older
Must be available full time (2 hours a week, 5 days a week) or part time 1 hour a day, 3 days a week minimum,
Must have 1 year with customer service experience
Must have an active fantage user before Jan 1 2011
must be able to conference call once a week 1 or 2 hours
No benefits for this position.

The next job that is listed is Design Team Member.
They will be working with a project manager and creating in game content.
Must be 13 years or older
must be available full time 2 hours a day 5 days a week or part time 1 hour a day 3 days minimum again
must be able to conference call once a week 1-2 hours

They had preferences for what they want you to use for making these like Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Flash/Adobe Animate, Adobe After Effects, or Paint.Net experience.
They listed down below that there is no benefits for that position.
The last job that is listed is Programming Team member and everything will be added another time.

At the bottom is a form if interested about applying and what you might need and to contact them once again at jobs@fantagelegacy for any questions or inquiries about it.

Links you might need:

This might not work unless you are logged in or signed up but The Discord Server Link right here:




I have an idea for a job idea that I think I want to have but they haven’t listed yet. I might suggest it to them. Overall I’m starting to get a really good feeling about this whole thing. What do you think? Plus out of curiosity is anyone else making another? I heard there was another but it might just be a rumor. Please do tell me if anyone else is making another because I am willing to try any new Fantage games because I know I will like it as much as I like Fantage!


So Many Posts

Hey guys it’s Nate!
I have so much to tell you! But first I need water. I am really thirsty today.
I am back after getting water. It’s been so busy for me but I am going to tell you guys the important parts!

The first important part is that I got an OCD book that I noticed a long time ago, ordered, and finally got. It ended up coming the same time I hit my eye off the bathtub which is doing well by the way. I have been using it and reading it and it has calmed me down very much along with increased medicine and I finally have been feeling calm very very VERY calm. I love feeling calm it’s such a wonderful feeling.

Another important part is coming! The book about Fantage has been going well. I am just stuck in the part about 2009-2010. Not about the stores or anything but about the players like was this any special moments for the players during this What do you OG players remember about that era? It would really help the way of the book. I want everyone to help if you can. I will let you guys know about the progress of it!

Another important part is this. I am very excited and probably what has also been making me calm. You know that a important part of Fantage history was Fantage weddings. Last Friday I attended a Fantage wedding with my friend. If you know me from a while you know that I used to have a bunch of posts about my “bae” Quint but I removed them because they didn’t really fit the theme of my blog. I was young and random at the time lmao. I’m still that way but not as bad and cringy as I used to be. The double wedding was for sam_12_12 (Sam) Dylaire (Claire) jred_ (Jared) and kid12348 (Vanessa aka Van) and it was very cute and fun. We decided it would be fun to host our own. So here’s the details:

June 12
What Time:
5 pm FST
Banana Barracuda Oasis
If you have a youtube channel you can record lmao. Want to see you there!
If you need helping finding the oasis ask either of us or look it up on Google, youtube or anywhere with fantage oasis. It’s not removed just hidden.
Might be recording video on my shared channel with my best friend Bethany later on so make sure to check it out! Our channel is Fantage Nate and Bethany if you didn’t know of it.

One last thing is that Fantage Legacy has updated their blog and I am super excited about it after I read their post. Their features of the game have been released. I’ll be making an entire post about it later but I will react to one. They are going to have everyone be members and get stars easily! With Fantage now it’s pretty easy to get stars but it sure will be fun! I wasn’t feeling very hopeful about this right now but I am actually getting excited.

Sorry to end off on a bad note or a sad note OH dang it I just got something dxlm. I got to go fix this uhh problem now. Anyway like I was saying sorry to end on a sad note but my nurse’s puppy dog got really bad cancer. Please pray for her dog.

Just to end on another happy note I got to eat chocolate a lot so that is also why I’m pretty calm and hyper.


Reacting To The First Blog Of Fantage Legacy!

Hey guys it’s Nate!
If you haven’t been living under a rock for the past few days you know that the new name of the private server of Fantage has been released with their videos. They have recently made a new blog so I am going to be reading their blog on this blog and reacting to it. Their new name is FantageLegacy so obviously their blog is going to be named after their new game. Here’s the pingback:
When you click on the page it takes you to one of their very first posts or maybe their very first post on the blog. They have pages in the top right corner titled: home, updates, play, donate, contact us, and developers. Now let’s look into their post.
They are basically explaining once again that Fantage is officially closing their doors at the end of this month and they plan to continue the journey of Fantage with Fantage Legacy Edition aka the new site. They explain this as a replica of the main game run on their own server. To do this they have to recode the services that are publicly available on the current Fantage. Typing this I thought I didn’t know what any of that meant but I actually think I do. I would explain it but don’t take my word for it! I’m no whiz like these people are! Their update page will be just anything they will want their players to know, if you have any questions for them their contact page will be there, and time to go look at the other parts!
I have clicked on Game Features. Nothing has been posted. Now time to go to the next which is registered users. It is a page for people who have registered for their website and what they can’t use once it’s taken. So far there is nothing. They will post more once it’s actually out I believe. Now the next part is their team. I will not add too much since we already probably know that the two leaders are Jimmy and Mason aka camfr0ggy and spanishlqver4ever. Now the not as much mentioned leaders are Rehman and Peter. They both do not have active Fantage accounts and can’t be contacted. That is about it for that one. There is a page about donating but there is no posts. They have a legal disclaimer which basically declares it is their property only and no one else can claim it from them since they made it. They also make a post about their own Terms and Conditions. It’s too much for me to read and type about it so do it on your own! The last part of this section of the new blog is privacy policy which is has not been posted. The last part of the blog that we can see is developers and when you click on it it is password protected so you have to get the password to see the page. It is probably instructions for the developers of this site.
My general opinion of this blog? I think they really are on the way of making a good new site and am looking forward to the first day of it! They have been working very hard on it. It just proves how far people can go when they put their minds to it.