I Am So Tired

Hey guys Nate here!

I came back from my brother’s wedding. It was super fun. I got to see a lot of people from my family who I haven’t seen in a long time. I met my baby cousins except they aren’t really babies anymore. It was so fun.

They revealed the gender of their first child at the afterparty. It’s a girl. I’m going to have a niece. That sounds so amazing and so weird at the same time.

I got to have cake and ice cream. It didn’t affect me too bad but the entire trip made everyone exhausted. I really didn’t want to go anywhere today but turns out we are just going to be at the library for a long time. I’m going to ask if I can check out at least one or two books if I can. I could barely stay awake and then when it got later I woke up. I’m weird like that.

I am now going to try to reach level 400. I am hoping to get to 500 or 600 before Christmas. December is going to be so much fun. I’m going to ask for a new phone. My phone disappeared in the car on the trip and the battery had run out so I couldn’t find it. I think someone might have taken it but if they did they won’t have much use for it. Number one it’s out of battery. Number two it is broken. It would turn different colors when it was on. It would sort of shut down but not really.

The hotel we stayed at had no WIFI for some reason which was super annoying. It’s worked before so I don’t know what was up with that. But I was glad to come back. We went to bed at 12:30 and typical me woke up at 7:30 or something for my bus. I really don’t know how I feel now about my new place. I really wanted to hit a certain person on Thursday I was so sick of the place.

I had sat down on the couch for my nurse to test my blood sugar and this one person was like: why don’t you go to the table with the other students? Number one I had to sit there for my blood sugar to be tested. Number two I really don’t want to hear a girl who has like a mini TV in her head making random noises, coughing, and I feel really awkward over there. Number three I hate their table by the window. Plus she was the person who had made a joke the day before that annoyed me.

Thursday my bus left. We have a company that we order for my two appointments. Who knows why? I hate them. A few times I’ve missed really urgent appointments because they didn’t bother to show up or went to the wrong place and said we messed up. Nuh uh you did not just say that. Here’s the story:
I was at my appointment and we were just about done. My appointment is about 3:00 and they are supposed to pick us up at 4:00. We were just heading upstairs and we saw the bus sitting there. Just as soon as we headed out the door the bus pulled out. All my life I have seen buses pulling out so it wasn’t a surprise to me. My nurse ran after him trying to let him know that we were there. He still left. When we called the person who answered basically was being really weird. She said that she couldn’t ask him to come back but she technically could and how it would take him about 45 minutes to come back. But I was leaving for the trip so I had to get home early. We ended up taking an Uber which was very weird for me because that’s like getting in a stranger’s car. How do you know they aren’t kidnappers or something?

I really can’t wait. I think I just ordered a book but am not sure if I did.



How I Got Diabetes

Hey it’s Nate here.
Today I am telling you about the time I got diabetes.
During the summer I would get hungry a lot so I would go and eat basically anything that was there and never be full. Looking back I think I was on the verge of getting a eating disorder and I got diabetes instead.

Anyway where I live we have a Giant Eagle down the street and then there’s a parking lot. Then we don’t go very far to get to the sliding doors.
I used to get very out of breath and I knew something was wrong because I have lived near that Giant Eagle since I was little and I never got out of breath. I would also get headaches but I get headaches every day so it’s not much. I really despise headaches. I will be sitting somewhere reading or something and I would get this really bad headache.

When I would go to school I would feel very sick like queasy to my stomach. Once I went to go eat toast and I almost got sick.

A few times I would walk in the door and lie down in front of the door because I was that tired to even continue walking. Once I believe I even fell asleep which is a sign for me that I am sick because when I am well I never sleep unless I am really really really tired or am sick. One day I went to a event in my dad’s neighborhood and had a really yummy pizza. Then when I got home I threw up. I knew it wasn’t the pizza because I have had pizza many times and I never have gotten sick when I ate pizza before.

On Labor Day I went to a celebration and I was very hungry. But when we had cake I suddenly wasn’t feeling very hungry. My dad asked me why I was shaking and I told him I didn’t know. I also still had that out of breath feeling in my chest and when I asked him to check it he told me I was fine. The next day in the morning I got sick. I was still in bed when I got sick. It was unusual because I normally make it to the bathroom in time. We went straight to the doctors and my doctor was concerned about my heart rate and that I had lost a lot of weight.

He sent us to the hospital and they took care of me right away. They gave me a really cool blanket and they rolled me up to the ICU. ICU means Intensive Care Unit in the hospital. My blood pressure had dropped so they kept giving me shots and things and they gave me an Ipad to borrow for when I started to get panic attacks. Finally on September 6 of 2016 they had told us I had type 1 diabetes. I had known what it was because I had read the famous series The Babysitter’s Club where the one girl Stacey had diabetes. It wasn’t totally new for me.

It was a struggle for me in the beginning because I wasn’t used to not eating when I wanted to. But now it has gotten easier. It turns out that my one medical condition causes the people to have diabetes and when I got it I was the fourth or fifth person to have it with my medical condition. Since then I heard that even more people have been diagnosed with that.

I learned that I could have gotten diabetes during the summer and I wasn’t diagnosed until it was almost winter. They said some of the symptoms were extreme thirst, hunger, tiredness and having to use the bathroom often. I do not remember having extreme thirst or using the bathroom. If you know someone who is having one of these I suggest that you tell them to go see a doctor. Diabetes isn’t as bad once you get used to it but it can be annoying at times.


Am Back After A While

Hey guys it’s Nate here!
I made a post last night but I was super tired and we had gotten up at 7:30 the day before to drive to Maryland and back.

I heard about the Fantage wedding between kayvon6352 and fantagesissy got crashed by the hackers and hacked some of them.They have been having a lot of problems with people making fun of them and I hope they know I see that nothing is wrong with them being together. They are cute and sweet to each other.
I have weddings on my mind because my brother and his fiance are getting married in Long Island New York this Friday/Saturday. I hope I will be in a good mood and not too anxious.

My favorite book has released a new book called Darkest Night. When I used my Amazon card from Quest camp or somewhere else it said the card had already been applied to another customer. I had a computer where I downloaded Kindle PC and put some cards in it to buy some books but I don’t think that was one of the cards I used. I think someone took it like a thief. There is a possibility I used it on my old computer or my Kindle but I don’t think I did.
I read a excerpt and I can’t wait to read the rest of it. The cat couple that I shipped the most worked out and is in existence. I will be making posts today.

A Bit OF News

Hey it’s Nate.
Sorry for not posting. I should be back soon.
Now here’s a bit of an update. I have reported and I think blocked the people who were hating on me. I hope youtube sees it and removes it. I told my counselor and she said I had started it. I do not agree that I started it because she has spread untrue rumors about others and my friends were in it so that was why I said something to her. I felt bad for getting mad at my counselor but I won’t see her until Feb because she was expecting a baby. I’ll be seeing someone else while she’s gone.

Now here’s a few things that happened yesterday. I decided to prove that I was right. I did some detective work reading Nancy Drew really helps and found out something. I’m not revealing it but it was good.When I went back on the public account the person I questioned had deleted or was removed. 😦

I went to a digital class and when I came back I looked at my cell phone. There was two missed calls. I never know who is calling me and don’t usually think it’s important because it’s either scammers or a store trying to sell you stuff. One time my only interesting phone call was when I got a phone call from someone saying it was the FBI. I didn’t believe that for a second and besides I bet it was teenagers daring each other because I heard laughter in the background. My hearing is pretty strong.

I’m weird I like to call missed calls back just to see what I get. When I did the first call it said it was disconnected or not in service. When I called the second one it said the same thing. Now I found that very weird. How could they have called me sometime after 11 and be disconnected/out of service three hours later? Someone said it was scammers and they didn’t want to be traced but I don’t think it was. Scary if it was like a bad guy calling or something but of course that only happens in movies or if you’re Jessii Vee.
When we were walking today my one teacher I don’t know what she is actually she’s not really a teacher but she said different numbers kept calling her and she said it was a computer harrassing her. That made me recall my weird experience yesterday. Is this kind of thing happening to any of you? Some other people have said they have had strange numbers calling them.

Jessii Vee’s had a lot of weird phone calls. I remember a few months ago she made a video of this person from Ontario Canada where she lives now called at 9:00 am every morning and had recordings of like a girl singing Ring Around The Rosy and bursting into hysterical laughter, a recording of an menacing clown laugh, and like a recording of really high pitched singing. She called it a “ghost choir”. Here’s the link to the video:

Go watch this video before you finish reading this post.
Okay done? You better be 😛
She ended up waking up one day and answering the phone. She said she only heard breathing in the phone or as quoted by Jessii Vee “or they were in the middle of a tornado or a really bad wind storm”. She ended up blocking their number. Then a few weeks ago I think it was she made this video:

I just find it really suspenseful. I love it when she adds audio to it because it just makes it scarier and more real. I lost my focus on it but what I focused on was it was just a replay of the video she made back in June. Then whatever she did after I just wasn’t focusing anymore.

I hope you had a good Halloween. I was heartbroken that I couldn’t go anymore. My disability made it harder for me than most people but I was fine afterwards. I got to see some costumes and really enjoyed seeing all the people.

Much appreciated for the 50 followers!


This Needs To Stop Like Bruh

Hey guys it’s Nate here.
I have a problem here. I usually refrain doing posts like this. But this is a real cyberbullying problem and I know she is going to deny it immensely but the person who is “supposedly” getting cyberbullied by me by making a video of her own proved it herself that it is her cyberbullying me and my friends.

I have had many experiences of bullies online and off and some personal problems too like anxiety, depression, and OCD. Sorry for bad language that was not my fault I also am misunderstood a lot by my family.
It bothers me when I see people talking about anyone behind their back. When I was scrolling through my youtube subscriptions and saw this on asuie’s youtube channel Fantage Lena Lena.
To me that seems like Asuie was talking about Quint behind his back. Now I have known Quint for a long time and many others too and they can all agree that Quint is not what people say he is. It is known to me and to everyone that asuie likes to talk about people saying that they hurt her. When I was her friend she would ask me to roast people who were fighting her. I went along because it is fun to roast and not particularly because I wanted to defend her. I kindly asked her not to talk about him behind his back. Then after my week at the program I would get on the computer and I checked my friend and I’s youtube channel. She has started saying stuff like this:
I decided to defend myself. I said this:

I have heard from many people and seen myself her with many guys. I do not know if she is really a cheater but as I have seen on Instagram she is always getting posted with a different guy. She denied that it was her on her own account talking about Quint so I figured she must have been trying to say she got hacked. I was trying to point out if someone hacked her it was probably revenge for what she has done to everyone. Then this continued:
She then starts swearing at me and calling me white. She thinks that is a good insult but it can be offensive to some people. I’m not offended by it because it is not a good insult and very rude to use someone’s color skin as an insult. My good friend Bethany had decided to stand up to asuie to help me. She said this to her because I have told her my detective secrets and she has become very good herself. She promised to try and reason with asuie.guilty
Fantage will ban people if it is needed. I plan to call Fantage everyday this week and report this situation to them. When we had the jackherro problem they permanently banned him. Then she continued her hating on my channel saying this:
I asked her why there was an actual video of her sorry for saying this boobs in Flame’s video. Sure he shouldn’t have made the video but she should have known not to send this to her because of what had happened. If flame asked her for her boobs which I doubt he did she shouldn’t have sent it. Girls should know when to cover up and most people don’t want to see that kind of things. Flame could have edited it knowing he is good at editing but knowing asuie myself and Quint being friends with asuie he confirmed in his own videos that asuie liked to show pictures of herself saying how pretty she is. STILL.PNG
As I remember the day after I got mad at her for being rude to me in the cafe and deleted her we were all in the hall of fame and she wanted to know why we weren’t talking to her and I said: “because we don’t want to be in your drama anymore.” Whenever someone would come up to her and try to fight she would tell me someone’s being mean to me and I would just go. It was funny for me to watch the fight because both of the comebacks would be exceptionally bad.

She then tried to say that I will be playing this game until I’m 40. As my friend pointed out yesterday that would be inaccurate. I am 18 now and likely when I’m 40 Fantage won’t exist. Besides I thought I would be on girlsgogames for a long time but turned out I lasted only a year and a half.
She is saying how I love drama and stuff and let me assure I do not. I have gone through many drama myself in real life and off and I do not enjoy it. She is known to cause drama. Proof? Continue reading this post.
Then apparently she has a new friend on Fantage who is her “best friend” in real life. She “apparently” told her about how “mean” I was being to her and then she said this:
Notice how I put quotation marks. Proof that they are the same person:
Asuie has bad grammar. She is the only one who says “go way”. Plus as confirmed by others all of her fans, friends, and boyfriends type badly like her. I am high leveled in spelling and I notice when people make spelling mistakes. I am not making fun of her grammar for that my disability makes me have bad grammar sometimes. ttt
She then accused me of hating on her and my best friend Bethany saw her say she hopes I die. Now I would not say that to anyone and I know it is downright rude to say that. I have depression. What if I took her seriously? She could go to jail for attempted murder. Luckily I know not to take her seriously.
She also says stuff about how Quint plays as me. We have proved her wrong before and she is still wrong. She also tries to taunt me saying I should show my real face. One it would be completely stupid to show my real face because there are people on the Internet who can trace you by seeing your real face. This girl told asuie this:
She says:
“Nate pussy fuck duck clock”. Like if you’re trying to make me hurt try and make sense.
She then admitted to knowing the wifi. To me only a creep or a stalker would try to find someone’s wifi. She didn’t even bother to reply to that one because she knows I’m right. LOOOL
She then attempts to do a rap on her other youtube channel. First of all it doesn’t make sense. My friend does one back to my defense:
Now these people came to my channel and said this:
I am well aware that Fantagians will believe anything they hear. They are the ones who always say Fantage is shutting down when they are nowhere near to shutting down.
A few days ago I was on youtube again and saw that she made this video. drama.PNG
When I was busy at my new program doing laundry, Travel Training etc, she was the one who was trying to hate on my channel. I just got back from it and saw all these hate comments of her swearing at me. This has been going on for the entire week. Quint mentioned what was going on to his friends and one of them was kind enough to say something too. This is what he said:
Then this is what others and what I said:
Now check out this other video she made of me and those who defended me. cyber
She is trying to say that we are all cyberbullying her and how nice she is. Here’s something that was posted on Insta:
wee.PNG This is everyone’s opinions of her. Also cherryrose is not a player. She is very kind and funny. People on Fantage call her ratasuie because she acts like she is a star because she had a lot of rare items. Then my other friend Haze got this comment from her when he was not in it and nothing to do with it. !mao
A few months ago she had denied knowing Haze and that alone started a huge fight on Quint and was confirmed that asuie’s fan was really asuie for she typed the same and acted just like asuie.
You guys know me I am not a cyberbully. I am always helping people who are getting cyberbullied and despite getting cyberbullied myself. This is my conversation with my cousin in Canada to prove that I am who I say I am:
I told her I can prove that I am who I say I am and there it is. lau
This is what is going on. Darkmoon is currently trying to get asuie to stop.
What should I do? I hope you believe that asuie is the one who is cyberbullying me and I am not cyberbullying her neither is anyone else.
I’m sorry to not have my normal trying to be funny posts up but this is really getting on my nerves and like people have said: It’s something when I say they’re getting on my nerves.
Please give me advice if you can.If you want to see the videos for yourself her channel is Fantage Lena Lena.Also check Quint’s video proof of what he has gone through with asuie too. It is called Proof Of This Drama. I plan to send this post to all of Fantage with the proof too. I also hope they permanently ban her.

I also found her talking about me behind my back. She must have deleted it but I saw it.

What Even Was This

I had the strangest dream last night. I’m scared to go to bed JK
I dreamt that Storybird and that other virtual world Woozworld bougt fantage and there was a strange pink apartment building in the dream. I don’t know where it came from or what it was but I remember it. Now I have heard some more things about the hacker thing. People are thinking it was diddy who caused the DDOS attack when it was really nammynamz. Nammynamz is always in the cafe fighting with someone. That is quite annoying and ridiculous when I see it. Feel free to check out my Instagram callmenatefantage. Also diddy has a Instagram. It’s doomdiddy. Plus lea the ever wise words of Fantage made a post. Here’s what she said:
I have to go but I hope this helps. I’ve heard a possible rumor and drama clear up blog coming up at wordpress soon. I am getting a way to earn money and I am to be getting an IPAD soon so I am hoping to download Puffin once I get it and to play Fantage.

A Rushed Post

Whassup guys!
Nate here.
I am sorry for not posting but like I said before I can’t get on.

Now that I am on for a little while and possibly on Friday instead of doing a mile long walk I will see if I can use the computer again.

Now apparently Fantage is not working. I have tried to load it on multiple computers and it’s been stuck on 67 percent or 100. Searching through Instagram apparently there’s another hacker whos user name is bxxty aka booty which goes without saying. She goes for people who have lots of rares and many people have gotten hacked.

People have left and have stopped doing their giveaway, trades and many others because the hacker will most likely take it if they are around.
There is a post going around Instagram asking people to repost it. If you see it repost it!

Since I am not active right now you might want to look at these other blogs for hacker information. I am not here to say it later so I will say it now.
Look at these:

This computer is very weird. I type one letter and it deletes the previous letter. I’m going to scream. Oh cripes did I bring my medicine bag in? Whoopsy. I won’t need it though. I’m fine when I’m making my blog post.

I took a trip again back in that place where I was about Feb to March and the end of June before I discovered I got hacked the first two times. It was fun and just the calming break I needed. I will be gone next month too for my brother’s wedding! I can’t wait. I got lots of new books which I read and finished within a day and finished them many more times. There is this one really cute baby whose name is Grayson. He is so cute. When he smiles or laughs you just have to smile back. When we go back in March for the last time he will be talking. He kept trying to stand up. It was so cute.

We also went to New York for the bridal shower. She is also expecting a baby in March so it was like a bridal/baby shower. I got to eat the cake which was vanilla with raspberry in the middle. Besides people’s protests that cake is going to affect me which has been proved wrong THREE times I was fine. It actually lowered my high blood sugar.

I am going to try to call Fantage tomorrow when they’re open and email them to inform them of this hacker and their website being down. I highly suggest you guys do it too.

I do not feel that this is a DDOS attack. I feel like this is for the Halloween event update or the new rares in Orions. I won’t get a computer until around October 31 Halloween so I am going to try to get enough before but who knows? Most likely it will go fast and be here before I know it. But right now it’s complete TORTURE. I can’t go out on my own unless I have a nurse or an adult with me and everyone thinks the library is way too far to walk. I’m like NO it’s really fast. Plus my family won’t let me borrow anything because they think I break it but it’s the computer breaking. Its hard drive got hurt when it fell off the sofa and broke my Kindle.

I am going to catch up on some more youtube videos. I am also going to get a Ipad soon from someone so I am keeping a eye out for it. I’ve had two disappointments already. They’re like hey you have a package and I get all happy and excited. Then I open it and it’s some part of my medicine. I asked about it earlier and they said they will ask the other person how the process is going.